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Mr Hanke

Toslink cables - any experience out there?

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I'm looking to run a toslink cable from my Macbook pro to my Rega DAC.


I'm listening to 16Bit 44.1KHz ALAC files, ripped from my CD collection. I don't have any higher resolution stuff, and I'm not necessarily interested in obtaining it, as I've already amassed a reasonable amount of music at 16/41.1.


Has anyone had experience listening different optical cables, and, can you recommend a good brand that would suit the setup. I'm looking at up to a $100 spend.


I'm not after opinions on optical vs coax vs usb etc, as I intend to use optical for the time being.




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Mike Moffat--Schiit designer uses these--I used one of the basic priced ones--excellent recommended


There is /was an optical enhancer liquid called Opti-Goo--fair dinkum! that was supposed to do the sonic coupling correctly :P


No KY innuendo please!  :D





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To clear up any misconceptions you may have due to audiophilia's obsession with burning their wallets on alters of the Shadow Lords of Budget Abyss and Wifely Horror (praise be, praise be), the concept of superior/inferior optical cables is even more crazy than your average "what is the best cable" discussion. At least with copper cable myths Larry the Cable Guy can fall back on (universally discredited) pseudoscience about oxygen levels and corrosion and silver plating and rainbow unicorn jizz, but optical cables are nothing more than light flashing through plastic. You will not get superior performance out of Optical A vs Optical B. As long as the connection is not loose and the cable is not physically damaged, you're 100% set for life with the cheapest cable you can buy at Jaycar.


The one and only reason to pay any extra money for an optical cable is if you want one that looks prettier than the standard black plastic.

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Thanks for the replies guys, 


Willco, thanks for the recommendation.


s2020, thanks for your comments. All unicorn jazz aside, I can hear distinct differences between different speaker cables on my system, and I'm not talking super wallet burners here either, some chinese cable vs some cheaper monster cable, so I'm interested in peoples experience with optical. Theory is theory, experience is experience.


gcgreg, thanks for the heads up, the Air doesn't have optical (bummer), the Pro does (yay for me).


Anyone else with any experience to share?

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I found a pretty big difference in my system going from plastic to glass fibre toslink.

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