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Sydney Audio Club - Sunday 16-Aug-2015 - Music Server comparison

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The August 2015 meeting of the Sydney Audio Club sees us once again gather for an afternoon of fine music, great sound and amicable company.

Each month, the Sydney Audio Club presents the finest in high end audio systems for our members and guests.  It's a bit like a private audio show once a month where you can hear and discuss equipment that you might not otherwise have the chance to audition.  And you can bring along your own music to test the capabilities of the system or to just share with like-minded music lovers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


This month we will be focussed on computer audio and music server products.   We’ll compare Audirvana V2, Pure Music V2 and JRiver V20.  Pure Music and Audirvana are available only for the Mac platform, so to ensure a level playing field we’ll compare them to the Mac version of JRiver.  (Sorry, no Amarra comparisons.)  We’ll also compare the FLAC and WAV version of the same recording.  We’ll compare high-res PCM to DSD.  Lastly, we’ll also compare a CD disc, the same CD ripped to disc and a high-res version.  Time permitting, we’ll also compare a CD ripped with XLD (on Mac) and to the same CD ripped with dbPoweramp (Mac version).  


Everything will be presented “blind†so you can determine what sounds best to you without preconceived ideas getting in the way.  Admittedly, hearing a disc player whirling away or me fumbling with the disc player controls might give the game away!  But most things can be hidden from you.   And although the emphasis will be on Mac based products, that won’t invalidate what you can expect to do and hear with a Windows platform.


Details of the system….


Kudos Audio C20 speakers – Refer to http://www.kudosaudio.com/loudspeakers/c20/ and http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/kudos-audio-cardea-anniversary-super-20-loudspeakers/


Audible Illusions L3A preamp – Refer to http://www.audibleillusions.com/products/l3-line-stage-preamplifier/


Plinius SA100 Power amp – Refer to http://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/497plinius/ and http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/plinius/sa-100-mk-iii/prd_116087_1583crx.aspx


Mac Mini (late 2012 version) – with i7 processors, 16GB memory, SSD system disc.  Music on SSD with Thunderbolt connectivity.  Connected to DAC via Vertere Pulse HB USB cable.


Bricasti Design M1 DAC – Refer to http://i.nextmedia.com.au/avhub/australian-hifi_reviews_2014_2014-07_bricasti_design_m1_dac_review_test_lores.pdf and http://www.audiostream.com/content/bricasti-design-m1-dac 


Oppo BDP-105 Universal player – Refer to https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-105/ and http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/oppo-bdp-105-universal-blu-ray-player-and-dac/


Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables and interconnects and WireWorld interconnects.



The second half of the music sessions will be our popular BYO.   Members and guests are welcome to offer music to share with us all.  So bring along your favourite music on CD/SACD or flash drive.  (Sorry, no provision for vinyl this month.)  All we ask is that the music and recordings be interesting.  We'll ask you to tell us a little about the artist/recording before it is played.  Tracks over 6 minutes will be faded out, to give everyone a fair go.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will have the opportunity to listen, learn and share your experiences with others of a similar mind.

Guests are always welcome – we are a very friendly club so you don't need to know anyone to join us for an afternoon of fine music and sound.  We will welcome you at the door.

Venue:  Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park
Address:  26 Stanley St, Epping

When:  Sunday 16th August 2015


Doors open 1pm
Meeting starts at 2pm


Best regards,


Tom Waters


Sydney Audio Club




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@@TomW @@chefscuba70


Is it possible to have the firmware on the 105 updated to accomodate TIDAL playback too?




Edited by ferchersan

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Hi Leigh,


I'll have to check whether there is a firmware update available but besides that, there is no internet connection at the centre to stream Tidal from, unless you have a mobile device and connect it to the Oppo.

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Hi Leigh,


I'll have to check whether there is a firmware update available but besides that, there is no internet connection at the centre to stream Tidal from, unless you have a mobile device and connect it to the Oppo.

I couldn't recall if there was an interenet connection available or not...


and I have just discovered the Oppo Media Control App won't work on a 4G connection alone.


Not to worry. 


See you this arvo :)




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      Power output: 95 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
      Frequency response: 10Hz to 50kHz
      Total harmonic distortion: 0.03%
      Damping factor: 150
      Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)
      Signal to noise ratio: 85dB (MM), 109dB (line)
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