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August meeting in Pullenvale

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The next QAC meeting will be held at Floyd W's home in Pullenvale, details are …

Date/time: Saturday 22th August: 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Address: Pullenvale


· Speakers-Apogee Duetta Signatures (ribbons by Graz-Apogee Acoustics Australia)

· Amplifier-McCormack DNA2 Deluxe

· Pre amp-DAC Eximus dp1

· Dirac Live Room Correction

· Turntables-Oracle Delphi mk 1, SME III arm with Nagaoka mp50 mm and Synergistic Research PHT Blue Velvet

· McCormack Micro Phono Drive

· Project model 6 with Grado mono cartridge and Synergistic Research Purple Haze

· Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 20 running JRiver 18 into Eximus dp1

· Original A9II CD player into Eximus DAC

· Cables-PJW Copperheads and DH Labs usb interconnect

· Classicsonline HD-LL streaming service

In the granny flat:

· Apogee Centaurs (26†ribbon hybrid, with 8†moving coil bass driver)

· Redgum amp

· Audio lab 8000 CD player

· DH Labs speaker cable

Parking on the street is advised as there is limited room near the house. Just keep walking down the driveway and you come to Floyd’s house.

Usual club courtesy byo soft drinks, wine etc and nibbles welcome.

Please RSPV me if you are coming.

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