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Guest Ashhhhh

JVC Z1s cartridge

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Guest Ashhhhh

Hey all,


Hoping you guru's can advise me here.

I have a JVC QL-F4 which I love dearly, it currently runs a AT95e cartridge. Its nice enough but its due for a new stylus.

I also have a number of older carts including the Z1s which is probably the original for this deck. (all these carts came with the table when I purchased)

By all reports the Z1s is a nice cart so I would like to get a stylus and test it out. I'm looking at the Jico SAS item.


So my questions;


1) Am I crazy and should I stick with at AT unit instead?

2) Is this the right stylus - http://www.jico-stylus.com/product_info.php?products_id=1293
    Confusingly its listed under "Victor Nivico", who presumably manufactured it?

3) I also have a Shure M75ED II, a Shure M75-6S and a Jelco MC-14. Are any of these half decent?

The rest of my setup consists of a Cyrus 2 (+PSX which should arrive this week thanks to a forum member!) and a pair of Richter Paladin's.

Many thanks,


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Guest Hensa

Victor and JVC are one and the same (Victor Company of Japan).


That looks like the right stylus and JICO SAS stylii are very well regarded generally so it would likely sound very good. For the price though, there are also plenty of other options for good (new) MM cartridges and no risk that the cartridge body internals haven't deteriorated with time. Look at the Ortofon OM range, Nagaoka and Audio Technica and there are multiple examples for under $150.


I can't comment on the Shure and the Jelco carts but @@catman may be able to assist as he has a long history with Shure.

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The AT95 is a killer cart, forget that it’s cheap. There are aftermarket styli for these all the way from hyper elliptical HE to microline. Paratrace make a great one, designated the ATN95P. I’ve got one on my LP12. But check out the SA (Shibata) and VL (Vivid Line) as well. They are both nice.

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