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Best surround speaker arrangement

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I have picked up 1 pair of studio 20s for surrounds or rears to match my studio 60s and 490 fronts/center.

The 20s are replacing 4 Polk fxi A4

Just after some suggestion on what would be my best option.


1. just run the system as 5.1 - with 20s on the side.

2. run the 20s at the back with the fxi A4 on the sides.

3. purchase another pair of 20s for sides when I can afford them.



Not sure if mixing the fxi A4s with the 20s would downgrade the experience/sound. Would rather have all matching speakers. probably not impotent ruining bipolar.


not sure if its worth the added expense of adding extra 20s and there discontinued so will have to find second hand one or maybe studio 10s.


Iam moving in a months time. The place Iam moving to is about 3.5 meters wide and about 5.5 meters long. the back of the room is opened but will be walled up in the future.


With the width of the room I think bipolar would work better unless I move the mono-polar speakers back and face them at each other. I find mono speakers on the side to over whelming at times to the rest of the speakers.



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