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Integrated Amps: An Addicts Guide Part, The Third.

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1 minute ago, Cafad said:

what it doesn't have is pre-amp circuitry in the same chassis as power amp circuitry.

And you still own it why...

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40 minutes ago, allthumbs said:

@Blakey72, didn't you go down the PMC TL route?

@allthumbs yeah sure did. After hearing Jeff's Lenehan's me's having a rethink. So much detail, even at low volumes. The Sansui gear would have contributed too no doubt. Very impressive ;)

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7 minutes ago, Rob181 said:

And you still own it why...

It may not be an integrated but it has its charm and while I'm mostly averse to separates I'm not completely averse to them.  I do make exceptions from time to time.

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I did a little search but nothing of value showed up in relation to the Musical Fidelity A1008 Integrated amp. I found one of these parked at the back of my local HiFi store collecting dust, with its matching CD player, and thought it looked interesting and fairly high end.


Has anyone got any thoughts or ideas about one of these?





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Hi Dan, can't say I've heard an MF in good nick.  I had an MF220, picked it up cheap but sounded scratchy.  I tried to have it fixed up but it was going to take several hundred bucks and Andy claimed even then it likely wouldn't last too long, so it was not to be.  One day I'll get the chance to hear a good MF, but that could be a while a way yet.

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I Ve heard a nice kW series integrated on beautiful tannoys, but may not have been you cup of tea style wise.. That could be the tannoys though. Very nice for slower stuff though:)

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