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    • By AlurkA
      Item: Accuphase E-470 Integrated
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: $8300, reasonable offers entertained.  
      Item Condition: As New
      Reason for selling: Someone elses turn to have a listen. Your ears will love you for it.
      Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer, COD
      Extra Info:
      Purchased in August 2018, Australian Model, Accuphase warranty is 5 years.
      Includes all original double boxing, remote control, manuals, power cables .
      Willing to ship at buyers expense, boxed up it is around 30kg.
      Amp : http://www.accuphase.com/cat/e-470_e.pdf





    • By Cafad
      Well it took a little time but we've finally got to this point.  I contacted Simon from Heschl early in 2019 in an effort to see if I could wrangle a HAL 350 to test.  He was busy, and then I was busy and then someone more serious about buying was interested so the only available amp went to them.  And then Terry discovered that a fellow he ran in to lived next door to Simon and since it's far easier for a business based on the Gold Coast to deliver an amp to somewhere else on the Gold Coast he arranged for a HAL 350 to show up at his place.  On Saturday just gone.
      So I climbed out of bed at 5am and drove down to Terry's place (wanting to be there when this amp arrived so that I could wrangle as much listening time as possible).  Both Simon and Rod (so two thirds of the Heschl brains trust) arrived to deliver this creation of theirs (in a crate on wheels, now there's an idea) and they were happy to stay and talk 'shop' too.  It was great to meet you gents, I hope to do so again once I've had time to come up with a few more questions.  
      The HAL 350 that was delivered was brand new with only a few testing hours on it so I'm sure it will improve with run in but it was still capable of impressing me quite a lot.  The grip it exerted on those Vienna Acoustics speakers of Terry's was unlike any other amp we've trialed and with that grip came a massive amount of control.  We ran the Heschl for a while and then put the Technical Brain in service.  Simon and Rod were certainly eager to hear it and it did not disappoint.  It it still a great amp to listen to (and Rod commented that he quite liked it) but it just didn't have the power or level of control of the Heschl.  The TB doesn't fall behind on detail or enjoyment level though, I'll have to get some more listening time to compare the detail levels of the two amps before I'll make a claim as to which one is ahead of the other.
      We also ran Terry's Prima Luna integrated, enhanced via the Musical Fidelity Superchargers and that was a fun change.  Less detail on display but that tubey, glowy mid range was sort of fun after the previous two solid state amps.  Terry commented that he didn't think we gave the Prima Luna enough warm up time though, I'm not a tube fan and I thought it sounded pretty decent, certainly not a disappointment.  Terry has his Prima Luna set up so that it sounds far less tubey than most and far more solid state than tubey but I'm pretty sure I still heard at least a little of that tubey sound but having a strictly solid state preference I may be a little more sensitive to it than most.
      Simon and Rod stayed fairly late, they arrived at 11 and left just after 5 so we had plenty of time to talk and listen and pause for drinks before listening some more.  

      We didn't really get much of a chance to listen further after Rod and Simon left as Terry had other guests over.  We managed some more evaluation time on Sunday morning but it took a while for us to work up to it and we just had to give Terry's new Icon mono-blocks a quick run too (of course).
      So this post isn't really much of a review of the HAL 350, more of an introduction to a thread that we plan to turn into a review in a few weeks time.  When we both have another free weekend we'll get down and dirty with a Heschl that I'm sure Terry will have been able to add some run time to and then we will see just what we can hear.  I also have plans to add another integrated amp into the mix for a 3 way comparo of some seriously priced gear.  So stay tuned folks (but don't go holding your breath, it may not happen until November).
      I'll finish with a group pic, the Technical Brain TB Zero, the Heschl HAL 350 and the Icon Mono-blocks in front of Terry's much loved Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand speakers (Symphony Edition).

    • By stoobleh
      Item: Pro-Ject Stream Box RS + Amp Box RS (both with high spec linear power supplies and tube upgrades)
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $2400 (pick up) / $2450 (shipped) 
      Item Condition: Excellent !!! (no marks or scuffs)
      Reason for selling: $ (hence the sharp price)
      Payment Method: Direct transfer, PayPal (friends), Pickup - Cash (Alexandria or Caringbah)
      Extra Info: Used very lightly. Ace condition. Not a mark on them. Smoke free, pet free. All those good things.
      This combo is great for the minimalists out there or as Darko would say Kallax fi.
      For those of you who have a high end set up already this pair would make a great second system. 
      I have tested the amp with Focal floor standers and it handled the test with ease. 
      The free app from Pro-ject works really well. Tidal and Spotify integration.
      Both Streamer and Amp have original boxes for shipping.
      Whats included:
      - Pro-ject Stream Box Rs (inc remote but I only used the iPhone app)
      - Pro-ject Amp Box RS
      - Linear Power supplies for both components inc IEC's
      - DC link cables to linear PSU's
      - Genelex Gold Lions x 2(Cryoset)
      - Reflektor 6H23P x 2 (Tube Store)
      - Electro Harmonix x 4
      Streamer pre amp uses the renowned Burr Brown DAC and a tube output stage (6992's). 
      Was purchased new from Apollo Hi-Fi in Sydney.
      Has analog input to feed a turntable (via phono stage) or CD player straight in.
      Streaming from your computer does not sound like this!
      Tidal and spotify integration using the free Pro-ject app on iphone or iPad is good.
      Streamer includes switch mode psu and custom linear psu from Swagman with Nuvotem transformer. Certainly makes a difference!
      Cost around $300 from memory. 
      The Amp linear power supply is crazy good build quality. Great components and provides a lot of extra output from the amp.
      Bass control is sublime with this amp PSU combo. The tubes add a lovely rounded finish to to the sound.
      The Amp power supply is worth $650 alone (I know, but it provides a lot of extra output for amp) 
      I've taken the lid off both units to show how clean and well kept the units are.
      Taken loads of photos for you:


      Edited July 13 by stoobleh

    • By tiztrain
      Item: Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 Power Amplifier
      Location: Brisbane (Morningside)
      Price: $1200 $1100
      Item Condition: 10/10
      Reason for selling: Not needed as I have downsized
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
       Powered my powerful Polk RTi12s that I sold.

      Bought towards the end of 2017 and come with the receipt and a 5 year warranty

      Only selling due to down sizing.

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By buzzman
      Item: AVI Lab Series integrated amplifier
      Location: Kellyville 2155
      Price: $1000.00
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Not being used
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: I bought it off an SNAer who got it off someone else who had advertised here. But surplus to needs now. However, do note a mistake may have been made in the original ad: there is no phono as far as I can tell. Remote is not original.
      I can ship at buyer's expense. 
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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