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Green Wagon

JBL 4333 Clone. 35 year build log.

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Other possibility is that because this style is labeled 'professional', maybe its of use to those that use them in studios, as in rotated 90deg and stuck up in corners.




Makes sense, usually they are flush mounted in studios so it does make sense that you could shift the horn/tweeter to suit.



I recon Chris should post pics some of the JBL's he's collected, renovated, sold, etc :D


Really bad with keeping pictures, still have a heap of smaller and larger studio monitors kicking it around.

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Its scary, but I've seen pics of the larger pro monitors with swivel mounts screwed to the sides of the cabinets so they could be suspended.

100+kg hanging above you in a small studio. I'd want to know the guy that mounted them is conscientious with his work........


Go on Chris, you know everyone would love to your speaker pron pics ;)

Such a bunch of deviates here.



Wait, doesn't that make me an enabler  <_<


Meh, so be it :D

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Hi , i bought a set of used JBL L300 Speakers when i was 18 in 1976.

Still own them and other than needing surrounds replaced ( planning to soon ) they have been a great investment i kept....i haven't used them in years and moved so have not set them up for use... i will look at the crossovers and replace caps and whatever is needed...as well as check on your mention of Nelson Pass crossover design before i proceed on the crossover mods...

Haven't finished your article but had to comment.... i am the second owner of these speakers and they were reduced in price when i purchased and only a year or two old i believe??? At that time...

Glad your dad got to enjoy his speakers and life long journey and adventure !!

Gary ( Canada )

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Didn't like one sentence...

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