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NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Free Seagull S6 Guitar

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Item: Seagull S6 Guitar

Location: Hurstbridge VIC

Price: Free

Item Condition: New, but soundboard cracked during shipping.  See photos.  Probably needs repair to prevent the crack from worsening and there are a few minor marks on the finish, but it's a nice entry level guitar.

Extra Info: Pick up only.


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Entry level?  I paid about $700 for my solid top S6 back in 1993. Still have it.


A great guitar, with  a real nice tone.


Nice gesture, a bargain pick up.

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OK, so it's nicer than entry level.  :D  


It ended up being better than free for me, (ebay refunded me in full and the seller gave me an even better deal on the replacement.)  I was going to look into having it repaired, but it has been sitting around taking up space for over a year now.


extract you need to ring me or reply to my PM.  There is now a queue of interest.

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extract is coming to pick this up today.  No longer available.

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