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March Meeting in Moorooka

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Cam B’s QAC met will be held next Saturday, details are …

Date/time: Saturday 21st March: 12:00 - 5:00 pm
Lunch: QAC BBQ; lunch circa 12:30 pm
Address: Moorooka


·        Dynaudio Contour S3.4 floor standing speakers.

·        Apple computer.

·        NAD M51 usb DAC and preamp.

·        Parasound A31 power amp.

This amp has an additional channel that can drive the Dynaudio centre speaker as the system doubles as a home theatre. In home theatre mode it uses a Yamaha Aventage A 3020 home theatre receiver which provides amplification to rear Dynaudio speakers and input to the Parasound front set of speakers.

This system works very well with concert blurays which are played through an Oppo BD95 which also plays SACD discs.  

Rig No 2 [probably]

·        Dynaudio Contour 1.4 speakers.

·        Lavry DA10 DAC.

·        ATC SIA2 150 class A/B amp.

·        Marantz CD6000 OSE player.

·        Onkyo NDS1 digital media transport - this takes iPods and iPhones and bypasses their DACs. to play high quality WAV files

Bring their own music on iPods, CDs and SACDs if you like.

NOTE: DO NOT park opposite cars in the bend of Citrus Street as it makes it too narrow for the buses - you can fully use Cam’s side driveway. 

Usual club curiosity byo soft drinks, wine etc and nibbles welcome.

Please RSPV me if you are coming.  


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As expected we had a large turnout for Cam and David’s meet they made everyone welcome and were great hosts. The home theatre/stereo room was great, this kind of set up requires a lot of gear and it was interesting to see how Cam had almost hidden it away discreetly. In fact I was fascinated to see the projector actually “living†in the next room – the kitchen – so a lot of clever little things going on.

Thanks’ to Cam for inviting Joe Hayes along as a guest who is CTO of Acoustic3D and after Cam’s intro he explained some of the logic/science and workings of The Emergence AS8 which is coming to the market soon. The AS8 certainly impressed members with their small size but big holographic sound, in the second listening room.

The afternoons listening got split Home Theatre/music videos, later into stereo setup with some cd’s and we finished back on home theatre and the rather good Peter Gabriel – New Blood video.





See our website for more details:




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