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Audio GD NFB 1.32, NFB 1P, NFB 1 2014, NFB 1 2015

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I'm looking for an Audio GD NFB 1.32 or better unit for a reasonable price.


Depending on the unit condition and model, I will pay anything from 450 upwards. 


If I cannot get a unit for a reasonable price I already have an option to pick up one from Europe. Would of course prefer to get it locally. 

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    • By Jing
      Item Condition: mint Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Vermont State: Victoria Payment Method: COD Reason for selling: surplus Further information:
      Very good player, excellent review.
      Being Used as DAC(Audio/Video) only.
      Maybe a bit too big for a DAC, and waste of its Blueray and CD player capabilities.
      Therefore try to simplify things.

    • By SBM
      Hi Guys,
      Good day, I am new to DAC and I see here in SNA details on Speakers brands, details and price in every bracket. Just thinking to have list of DAC quality DAC. If in case we have the list already please point me.
      Below 1000$
      I am not sure does people spend more than 5000$ on DAC!
      To my knowledge :
      Gieseler(great Australia DAC)
      Atleast , it will give some pointers to the beginner(like me) in this community, to decide what is best when planning a DAC new/used. As we have lot of brands .
      Thank you
    • By mtan002
      Item Condition: Like new Shipping Options: Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact,I can ship this item Suburb or Town: Point Cook State: Victoria Payment Method: EFT cash Paypal Reason for selling: Redundant equipment Further information: 
      I bought this few months ago for $700. 

      It is an excellent DAC at this price range with clear mellow sound.  But I decided to sell it because I miss the MQA sound.
      You can get the full description here: http://www.audio-gd.com/R2R/R2R11/R2R11EN.htm
      In summary:
      Discrete DAC single ended headphone- and preamplifier True NOS , R-2R discrete ladder DAC Built in pre- and headhpone amp Built in 2 groups DA-8 R-2R modules with 450MHz ultra speed CPLD Unique noise process technology will remove any digital artifact DSD native , DXD, PCM up to 384KHz Support Amanero Combo 384 USB interface High quality ALPS 27 volume potentiometer 
      1.USB input.
      2.Toslink optical SPDIF
      3.RCA coaxial SPDIF

      •RCA single ended (Output is configurable: fixed or variable)
      •Headphone 6,3mm jack
      The price includes postage within Australia. If you come and pickup yourself, you save $25. 
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By hu4man
      Item Condition: Fully Functional Shipping Options: Pickup is available,I can ship this item Suburb or Town: Brisbane, QLD State: Queensland Payment Method: Cash on Pickup, PayPal, Bank Transfer Reason for selling: NLR Further information: 
      24 bit/192k. Comes with stock power supply. SPDIF , Coaxial and USB inputs.
      Bought as backup DAC, but never used





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