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Problems With Getting TV From JB Hi Fi

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Hi guys


Just a quick note about problems I had with getting a 55inch UHD TV from JB.


I wandered in there a few Saturdays ago to pick up some USB drives.  I got a couple and had been meaning to check out 4k TV's for a while especially since I got one of Joe Rasmussen's upgraded Oppo that is supposed to have excellent up-scaling to 4k.  I hadn't planned to get one but I was thinking of upgrading to a 55 inch Full HD.  


What I noticed was the 4k TV's were heavily discounted so that a good 4k like a Sony or Samsung cost about $2k and the full hd cost about $1.5k so I thought what the heck - lets go for the $4k.  It came down to the Sony or Samsung - both about the same price - the Samsung was curved and the Sony wasn't.  Anyway to me I liked both pictures - the Samsung was sort of more cartoonish and etched but the Sony was more natural.  Explaining it that way you would think go for the Sony, and I did, but from a distance both pictures actually looked good.  I personally am not sure you can see the extra 4k detail from a normal distance but they looked more natural and realistic to me over the full hd.  My suspicion for what its worth is its an optical illusion of the higher resolution and the highly sophisticated up-scaling algorithms they both use.  Which is better?  Cant say - the Sony was more natural but the Samsung gave the impression of greater detail.  Also the curved screen on the Samsung looked kind of funny - it may be better after being acclimatised to it - but I thought stick with the usual.


Anyway decided on the Sony.  They didn't have the exact model I wanted but said if I paid for it they may be able to get it from another store.  So I said OK and paid for it and decided to physically go in Monday to see if I got it.  I went in - rechecked the TV's and was happy with my choice - and asked if they had it.  The salesman approached the manager and the manager was amendment they had one for me out the back.  Great.  But I decided to double check and rang the storage area at the back of the store a couple of days later.  Most definitely they had it - it was there and marked for William (me).  No problem.  I then contacted fellow member Rawl99 (of Killer DAC fame) who installs HT and Hi Fi stuff for a living and made arrangements for, when he was free, to install it at my place.


Yesterday was the big day and I turned up with Rawl to pick it up.  Guess what - they didn't have it.  Unbelievable.  I had teed up to get it installed and they didn't have it after confirming twice they did.  I was gutted.  They offered to get me another brand and simply to get it out of the way said I would take the Samsung instead which fortuitously was on special and I got $100.00 refund.  But it was also a demo model because they didn't have any unopened ones - that also irked - it has probably been demoing every day for maybe a year and you get something like 30000 hours from them so that's about 1 year of a 10 year life I was diddled out of - but by that stage I just wanted the whole distasteful business over and not have arrange another installation.


Its installed in my place now and I am actually happy with it (will do a separate post about it).  But I will never be going back there again - to me its simply inexcusable.  To be fair I am pretty certain what happened to me is rare - but gee it shouldnt happen at all.


All I can say is think twice before getting things from these guys.  Most places price match.  Rawl installs this stuff all the time and said in his experience Videopro give very little trouble and that's where I will be getting this stuff from in future.




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I've never had any issues with any JB stores, they are normally upfront and tell you whether that unit you're after is in stock. But then all those queries I have already sorted out so I know if I can pick it up right then or waited for stock to arrive before I decide to pay.

For places like JB HiFI, Harvey Norman, Goodguys etc I always ensure that they have stock on the floor ready to hand over before I bargain and decide to hand over cash. Sometimes it's hard because the sale of the day sometimes forces you to pay to lock in that price, and if thats the case I always accept an unopened undamaged goods. Even with paper, if the carton is damaged on the outside I will refuse to accept that packet etc. Infact all stuff I buy I do an external inspection, anything I don't like I refuse to hand over cash or refuse that item. Of course this is impossible if you order it on line! This includes change, any noted that are more than say 5% damaged I refused that note, and you'll find retailers will do the same!

My son bought the latest 55"LED a few years back from Harvey Norman here at Hoppers Crossing, when he pulled it out of the Box one of the HDMI inputs failed. One phone call to the store and we were told to returned it, we were lucky that they had another one in the box unopened ready for replacement, no questioned asked, it was a direct swap! If that was some small dealer down the road I would have experience attitude and series of interogation before it gets replaced, and if I were to cop that I would no doubt be asking my money back and going somewhere else.

I'm really sorry to hear that @@bhobba.

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That's pox Bill, you should contact JB general management, tell them the scenario then inform them of the Hi Fi forum where this issue was discussed. Just shows a scant disregard to you

guys considering the stepping stones you endured to secure the purchase....Hopefully a one off.

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You'll probably be thankful you swapped for the Samsung Bill as Sony's reliability factor lately has become an issue.


I've had 2 of their moderately expensive TVs fail after less than 2-3 years along with a lot of other Sony products in general.


Their products are now totally taboo in this household.

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These stores will never learn and improve their customer service unless people vote with the wallets and feet. They shafted you and messed you round yet you were perfectly in your rights to take your business elsewhere. 

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