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Garrard Record Changer

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I have a HMV turntable which has a Garrard Record Changer (reverse unimech). It's a 6300 model 70. The available manuals (VinylEngine etc) do not describe how this record changer works. Put very simply it differs from the unimech in that the unimech has an overarm which stabilises the record stack. The reverse unimech, by virtue of its different operation does not need an overarm and has a side platform support, off which the records are pulled before being dropped.


This all works OK for 33" LPs but I can't see how it is supposed to work for 10" and 7" records.


Does anyone have one of these models and know how the record changer works for "10 and 7" discs?

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Thanks VA. I think that answered my question (great site). Basically the record changer model I have only deals with 12" 33rpm LPs. Anyting else has to be manual.

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      Just got a garrard 401 and looking for recommendations for tonearm. Considering EMT 929, SME 3012, Ortofon RMG 309, Audio Technica 1501 mk3?, Jelco. I am hoping for a musical setup rather than a 'vintage collectible'. I have a zyx r100 which I am thinking of reusing on the garrard.
      There isn't a lot on the EMT with the Garrard and I have heard conflicting opinion.
      Any thoughts? Thank you
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