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January Meeting in Rochedale

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The January QAC monthly meet will be held at Tony M's home at Rochedale, details are …


Date: Saturday, 17th Jan 2015
Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00pm

Lunch: Tony/QAC to provide – cold buffet


Main Rig.

·        Turntable - Oracle IV with Graham Phantom arm and Koetsu Onyx cartridge

·        Phono Pre - Sutherland PhD

·        CD/DAC - Wadia 8 transport (just died) to Chord 64 DAC

·        Pre/X’over - DEQX

·        Power Amps

o   HF – 2x Mcintosh MC2301 – 300w valve mono blocks

o   MF – 4 x Zappulse 2.3se – 300w

o   LF -  4 x Zappulse 2.3se – 300w

·        Speakers DIY

o   HF – 6 x Electrostatic panels – 500hz up

o   MF – 8 x Dynaudio 15W75

o   LF -  2 x JL 18â€

·        Cables - Various + DIY silver


2nd Rig

·        Turntable - Thorens TD124 with 12†SME arm and Sumiko Blue Point

·        Phono Pre -  Lehmann Black Cube SE

·        Pre Amp - Dared DL2000 Valve pre

·        Power Amp - Dared DV 845 mono blocks

·        Speakers DIY             

o   LF – 15†Altec 416 8A

o   HF – Altec 802 with 511 horn + Fostex T925 super tweeter


Usual club courtesies … nibbles, cake, alcohol and/or soft drink always welcome.

Please RSPV me if you’ll be attending.


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