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Whatmough & NAD combo help

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Hi All,

Just looking for a little info on upgrading my current system which is:

Whatmough Magnum series speakers:

2 x M30 front mains (4 ohms, 40 - 150 watt)

1 x M05 centre (4 ohms, 40 - 100 watt)

2 x M10 rears (8 ohms, 40 - 100 watt)

AV Receiver:

Sony STR-DE485 (please don't laugh) ;-)

(Rated at 100watts per channel....hmmm???)

Blu-Ray Disc - DVD Player:

Sony BDP-S580

I know the speakers are not top of the range and have some age, but I just love them, and I am thinking of adding a Whatmough Tornado 2 sub to the mix. I am open to suggestions for the sub, I just figure the Whatmough would be a good choice and would match well with my current speaker set up.

As for the amp.....well I would love to go nuts here but I am on a budget (trying to keep the amp under $1000). I am very fond of NAD equipment, and the NAD T748 (data sheet attached) seems like it would tick the boxes for features (and a pleasant lack of bells & whistles), while focusing on true sound quality and power for a reasonable RRP of $699.

I am just a little concerned that it may be a little under powered for my Whatmough speakers? (although I have no doubt it would be a MAJOR improvement over my current Sony amp...LOL).

To step up to the NAD T757 which I am sure would be great for my setup, but at a RRP of $1499 is getting a bit out of the budget and not sure if I can justify the extra $800 odd dollars when the T748 would be a big improvement anyway??

I do use the system for both music and movies and would appreciate any advice.

Thanks :-)

NAD T748.pdf

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The T748 will be a HUGE improvement on the Sony, and the T757 would be a nice improvement on the T748, especially if you like to listen to music loud. T748s can be had for around $650, but the T757 is quite a different animal with its MDC design. Either will be great with the Magnums. I don't know the sub so I can't comment on that.

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Hi Curto,



Just a couple of things,


Some of those "bells and whistles" may come in pretty handy.


E.G. Lossless audio capability for Blu Rays which you don't seem to currently have!!!


        Room Correction EQ'ing 



Does the AVR have to be new?


Any reason, apart from fondness, for wanting NAD?



There are also HEAPS of great USED AVR's out there which give BETTER "bang for buck" than Brand New ones.  


Check these out.........








That Sony was pretty high on their food chain not THAT long ago as the RRP shows!!!



BOTH are nice and cheap so you can think about getting the Sub too!!! LOL


Actually the Whatmough Tornado 2 Sub you mentioned should match up well and is a good choice for an average sized room.



Here's another way you can go..........



If you don't care about lossless audio and other bells and whistles just get the Sub first!!!


Your current system doesn't appear to have one and they make a BIG difference.


As the Sub handles all the tough stuff below 80hz or so........ all your other speakers only have to produce from 80Hz up.



Consequently your Sony AVR will not have to work as hard driving everything and you may very well be happy with that.



If you STILL think you are underpowered and/or want to experience all that Blu Ray lossless audio and good room EQ'ing can offer


then IMHO ( and with due respect to NAD) you should have a serious look at ALL the contenders out there ( New and Used!!!)







P.S.  SNA is one place you can come to where NO ONE will EVER laugh at you mate!!!!!

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Thanks JohnL for the advice, much appreciated!!


I am very open to buying used equipment, I love saving a dollar almost as much as spending it...lol 

I actually had the NAD amp that you posted the link for in my ebay watch list ;-)


The reason I am partial to the NAD gear is because a friend of mine had a NAD set up years ago and I was always impressed with the clarity, performance and simplicity.

As for the lack of 'bells & whistles' that comes from me being an ex sound mixer at live gigs and a small recording studio, and I have a bad habit of wanting to adjust things all the time, I like the idea of just bass & treble adjustment and enjoying the recording the way it was intended....if that makes sense? 

So I am still open to different AVR brand suggestions, I just want to get the most out of my speakers, with my current AVR I have obviously never heard them at their full potential.


I also have just noticed that I had listed the rear M10 speakers at 4 ohms but they are actually 8 ohm. Is that going to cause issues with the amp powering both 4 & 8 ohms at the same time?


Thanks again  :-) 

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A speaker rated at 8 ohms should be an easier load for the amplifier. 


A speaker rated at 4 ohms would only be a concern if it ALSO had a low sensitivity (mid 80's)


All speakers' impedance will vary in use and may drop as low as 2 ohms or less.   


Any speaker, especially one with low impedance AND sensitivity, should benefit from a better, more powerful amplifier to a point.


I don't forsee any problems running 4 and 8 ohm speakers at the same time.


If you turn up the wick and hear clipping then you know the amp is struggling.







P.S  Whereabouts in Melb are you anyway? You can PM me if you want!!

Edited by JohnL

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