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December Meeting in Ashgrove

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So it is up The Gap we go again to Ashgrove This time at Phil W's.



Date: Saturday, 13th Dec 2014

Time: 12:00 pm onwards

Lunch: QAC/Phil to provide – cold buffet
Address: Ashgrove - Parking is limited to 6 cars


Equipment [new bits in red]

·        Turntable: DIY, cartridge-Zyx airy 3, tone arm- Triplanar VII

·        CD Transport: CEC TLOX

·        DAC: Forssell MDAC 2

·        USB / SPDIF: Sonicweld divertor HR2 - New

·        Preamp: Halcro dM10

·        Amp: Halcro dM38 x 2

·        Music Server: Dual PC with audio optimiser/Jplay set up  - New

·        Speakers: 3 Way open Baffle very loosely based on Linkwitz Orion

·        Crossover: Minidsp bass / passive mid – tweeter - Better set up

·        Cables: DIY Ribbon  with Nino’s connectors - Lightspeed USB cable Darkside-USB

·        Headphone DAC: Geekout

·        DeskTop DAC: Geek Pulse and Power supply - it should be here by then

·        Noise cancelling Headphone: Audio Technica Quiet Point, Bose Quiet Comfort


Phil writes …If anyone has some noise cancelling headphones or any others – it might be interesting to bring them along and I can set up the Geek gear and computer in another room (Direct copy of Matthew I know ! ) - LP, CD, files up to 24/192 can be played

Usual club courtesies … nibbles, cake, alcohol and/or soft drink always welcome.

Please RSPV me if you’ll be attending.


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