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I watched JO JO Rabbit last night.

Strange sort of movie, much in the vein of the directors previous movie 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', but it eventually gets it's point across by the end.

Good performances pretty much all around, Taika Waititi as Hitler is hilarious, almost in the same vein as his portrayal of the father in the N.Z movie 'BOY'.


The movie is quite funny in parts [most in the first 3rd of the movie], the script was very original and well written, quite thought provoking in the latter half of the movie.

This is one movie that obviously didn't suffer from a rewrite because some dumb U.S. 'Test Audience' couldn't understand it [The fate suffered by most movies being made now days, more the pity]

Recommend viewing.


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I watched The Rise of Skywalker last night.

I had heard it wasn't that good, they are correct, what a disappointment.


I can only liken how this movie was put together as a LEGO set.


They must of written down each characters name on a LEGO block , with what was going to happen to them, then swirled them all around, and then just built a wall out of them.


Some kids can be given Lego and make something amazing and original out of the blocks, others have little imagination and just stick together the bricks so they are all used up and say they have finished.

The latter is how I found this movie to be.

The script was so woeful it actually made me cringe in places, with every cliche in the book used at one time or another.

Continuity errors were all over the place.

One of the last scenes of the movie sums up the laziness of this movie, when out heroes all land back at the rebel base, and Maz Kanata calls over Chewbacca and unceremoniously says 'This is for you' and just hands him some non de script metal object with a ribbon attached to it [presumably a medal]....What is it? What's it for? Why is he getting it ? Why is she of all people presenting it to him? Who put her in charge?...it could be made out of Chocolate for all we know.

Thank God it's over.


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Watched Knives Out last night - certainly enjoyable worth watching (the wife stayed awake - so it passed the test)



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Starting at the beginning.

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Saw "The Invitation" today. I read reviews before hand as I was having a hard time picking a film. I must admit the pacing was slower than other movies but I enjoyed it.



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