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Putting together the missing piece - with some upgradeitus thrown in

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Hi folks,


Come the next tax return time I am looking forward to adding my next component to my emerging stereo setup. I've just recently added a Rotel RMB 1582 mk2 which is presently tethered to my Denon AVR 3310 via the Denons preouts. My goal is to have my stereo system separate to my HT. Well that's not quite accurate as I plan to use the RCA and Balanced inputs on the 1582 to take a signal either from the Denon (RCA) or Pre amp (Balanced). Listening either to stereo or the HT setup will just be a toggle switch position change on the 1582.


I've also replaced the previous floorstanders (Whatmough Audiolabs M30s) with the Whatmough P33i - yep - I'm a fan of their build/quality/sound. I've lusted after these puppies for many, many months and despite listening to other speakers in the price bracket, I just fell under their spell. Hence the addition of a power amp to give them a good dose of oomph. To keep the tonality of the new fronts in sync with the centre speaker, I've also lashed out on a new Whatmough centre that shares the same drivers as the P33s. Santa definitely came early this year.


So with a good many months to go until Mr Taxman decides (hopefully) to throw some sheckles my way, I'm looking for ideas on a good Pre amp to buddy up with the 1582 with the option of also replacing my existing CDP - a Rotel RCD-06SE with a beastie one or two steps further up the quality ladder.


Price wise, I'm  looking between $1-$2K for the Pre and around $1K for the CDP.


I am yet to be converted to the vinyl dark side and have instead invested in silver spinners with the last 12 months seeing many new additions attempting to slip past the admonishing gaze of my better half (well if I've got to give up riding motorcycles - I've got to replace one passion with another  - that's how it works isn't it?). Digital music files might come into the mix at some point, but at the moment I'm happy popping jewel cases open. So the Pre doesn't necessarily need to be optioned up with every conceivable input.


Your thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated!







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If you bought the matching Rotel RC-1570 (RRP $1199) that would suit both sonically and aesthetically. It's well featured and delivers a lot for its asking price. Decent DAC, phono stage and bluetooth/USB.

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G'day Tarkan,


My initial thoughts when I came to the Pre amp was 'stick with Rotel' - for all the reasons you've given. But then I got to thinking that there may be members out there with the RB 1582 who have taken a different path for whatever reasons. Would be worthwhile knowing what those reasons might be - had they, for example, auditioned different manufacturers Pre Amps and felt the choice taken was a better 'fit' sonically/feature wise etc.


I will certainly be approaching the HiFi outlets around Canberra and asking for the opportunity to demo offered Pre's at home. That could be interesting in itself.


Thanks for your thoughts!



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