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The Sunday night ambient now spinning thread

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Introversion - For They Know Not What They Do -- a short album of shimmering waves of sound. Some of the tracks seem to be end a bit too soon for my liking, but worth a listen late at night.   €1 for the lossless download from Bandcamp.



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Forest Fang - Ancient Machines -- a mix of neoclassical, Roachian ambience, and Gamelan. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp.



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Rafael Anton Irisarri - Daydreaming -- melancholic sparse piano and gauzy electronics. Very noice. "Name Yer Price" lossless download from Bandcamp for a limited time.



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    • By twaino
      Item: Vincent  SA31 +SP331 pre and power.
      Location:Goldfields Victoria.
      Price: $1.495.
      Item Condition: As new
      Reason for selling: Funding for Consonance Droplet
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Willing to demo. You will be impressed.  Sorry no original packaging. Can deliver to Melbourne. Would look at possible trade for Droplet CD player .

    • By mak0321
      Item: LZ A4  2ba+dynamic Driver Hybrid Mmcx Hifi Audiophile In-ear Earphones
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: 200$+postage
      Item Condition: excellent
      Reason for selling: Inventory cleaning
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal,

    • Guest
      By Guest
      Item: EOI: Lamm m1.2 monoblock amplifiers
      Location: Canberra
      Price: $11500 ono, non-inclusive of shipping
      Item Condition: Very good
      Reason for selling:  Moved on to other amplifiers.............
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: replaced valves with Russian equivalent 6n1p23 which are much better than 6922s
      In terms of complete disclosure, one lamm, had a problem with the delay switch, which is normally 45 seconds, and was taking a few minutes to turn on, I sent to Kimil electronics in Sydney, the Lamm nominated repairer, and this was fixed, without issue since
      i bought these from a SNA guy in Sydney 18 months ago, in exchange for Lamm m2.2s, and they are the correct Voltage for Australia. They were checked and rebiased by Chris at Kimil, prior to my purchase, bias is currently to Lamm specifications.
      I have the wooden boxes, and manual for these, I can supply 6922s, if purchaser prefers. The shipping to say Sydney is about 60 dollars each, these things are very heavy, dimensions and weight shipped can be supplied to prospective purchasers. The details are on the Lamm website I believe.
      please remember that despite large size these are 100 watts class A into 4 or 8 ohms, and roughly double AB.
    • By samman
      Location: MELBOURNE
      Price: $1500 ONO FOR THE PAIR
      Item Condition: EXCELLENT
      Reason for selling:NO LONGER REQUIRED
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
    • By paulk
      Item: Vincent SP20 Anniversary Edition Hybrid power amp.
      Location:Gold Coast Qld
      Price: $1250     paid $1730  RRP $3499
      Item Condition: 9/10 like new approx 8months old
      Reason for selling: going all valve
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info:   Bought this amp on speculation when Eastwood Hifi were clearing stock at very reduced prices due to a change in distributor. 
                What piqued my interest in this model, SP20, was the combination of valve input stage  and solid state output.
                  I have enjoyed this hybrid valve amp so much I have to decided to give all valve a go.
                 This amp has great bass weight and definition allied to a top end that is not harsh but has that beautiful valve airiness. But most importantly, this amp brings out the emotion in music.
                   The first 10 watts are class A with all that brings but still retains composure at loud volume levels.
                    Also included are various input valves including original russian, RCA (nos) and Amperex.
                       Eastwood Hifi assured me any warranty claims would be fully covered by the new distributor. 
                       I have original shipping cartons and receipt. Buyer pays for shipping.
                       Only to happy to answer any questions. 
                        Thanks for looking.
      Regards Paul

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