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A question for the tech savvy re batteries

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I have a little Pure One Mi digital radio I was gifted and it can use a particular rechargeable battery sold separately of course for a kings ransom. If anybody can suggest how to diy one myself I would greatly appreciate it. The battery gets charged in the radio when connected to power.





Some details...




and the battery...cased to fit onto tab/terminal in battery compartment of radio.


ChargePAK A1 Rechargeable battery pack

Add a ChargePAK A1 rechargeable battery pack and listen to your Pure radio wherever you go. ChargePAKs are much more economical than regular batteries and significantly kinder to the environment, reducing the quantity of batteries that end up in landfill sites.

ChargePAK A1 features include:

  • Easy to install – can be fitted in seconds
  • Easy to use – just fit and forget
  • Charges inside the radio, no separate charging unit required
  • Increased battery life per charge over standard rechargeable batteries
  • Replaces the need for throwaway alkaline batteries
  • Provides up to 18 hours wireless listening

Specification: lithium-ion 3.7v 2100mAh.


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You could wire up any lithium-ion 3.7v battery, but getting it to fit or connecting wiring to the radio could be a bit tricky.


The rb-a1-bp1 is the generic equivalent and might be a little cheaper.  http://www.batteriesdirect.com.au/shop/product/22367/rb-a1-bp1.html


By the time you buy a battery and some connectors, your probably not saving a great deal, then you may have to pull the radio apart to get to the right contact points and mount the battery some how externally.

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If you already have AA or AAA you could also use three rechargeable AA or AAA in series for 3.6v which is close enough. I'd think the battery compartment has three prongs though but still may charge the ni-mh batteries connected just to the pos and neg!

The plug socket is only 5volts so you may find that four AA's work also for 4.8v...

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Thanks for the info. I'll keep the ready made option in mind.


5v of rechargeable battery into micro usb cable would work so that may be an option. I would think the charging is for Lion not NiMh so perhaps riisky. Actually I have a spare Galaxy s2 battery which is 3.7 I think. Do you think this could be rigged up to work?It looks like the radio needs to be disassembled to get to the contacts so ready made is back in the running. Damn those pesky designers at Pure.

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I was considering a Pure until I saw the cost of one of those battery packs and then I thought "No Way, Jose"

Sangean have an option for standard or rechargeable batteries in the normal sizes.You just flick a switch in the battery compartment and they recharge in the radio. Makes far more sense.

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The original battery is close to the cost of the radio.


I'd like digital radio you can pause etc but I imagine that feature needs mains power. Go with Sangean Holden. Pures silly battery is not worth it and my OneMi looks and feels like it came from Fat Harry's $2 shop.

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I mainly suggested the AA's as most people have rechargeable batteries and a charger to suit. I was into RC racing years ago so have a Swallow charger which will charge just about anything except full size car batteries and up to 5amps output... They are also cheap!


Charging from that battery compartment will be done at 4.2volts so three AA batteries are perfect but 4 AA batteries will work but over time (1-2yrs) they won't hold enough charge due to the lack of maximum volts. I generally use the little alligator clip packs that you can get from Jaycar or any elec place which has wire only 6-10inches long with the small alligator clip either end to connect circuits with and the bonus is they are only temp unlike soldering.

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Aligator clips are a good idea. I'll suss it out but I think I might go back to my old 60's Panasonic. Apart from 3RRR I listen mostly to am and the batteries last months. I like the sound too.

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