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Sydney Audio Club Meetings featuring Australian made audio

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Equinox Audio - http://www.equinoxaudio.com.au/
Equinox Satellite – http://www.equinoxaudio.com.au/speakers/satellite.html
Equinox Equator 1 Subwoofer – http://www.equinoxaudio.com.au/subs/e1.html
Equinox Neptune floorstander.



Grover Notting - http://www.classicaudiodesigns.com.au/
Code 101, 102, Code 4, and the Code 5 studio monitors



John Burnett's Lenard Audio - http://lenardaudio.com/index.html
Sarabande active speakers demonstrated, active crossover amp module is from the awesome Opals.



Lenehan Audio http://www.lenehanaudio.com.au/
ML1PlusR loudspeakers including stands
ML2 6.5†standmounted loudspeakers
ML3 Reference speakers



Wagner Electronic Services - http://wagner.net.au/
Wagner HDS455 floor-standing speakers
Wagner HD360 two way bookshelf speakers
Wagner XLS1002 subwoofer
Artisan - http://stonessoundstudio.com.au/
Artisan R360 V23 level 2



Tube Sound Audio - http://www.tubesoundaudio.com.au/
Class A/B push-pull OTL in stereo format (15 wpc)
Class A single ended OTL in dual monoblock configuration (1.5 watt output per monoblock)
MC phono step up transformer



VAF Research - http://www.vaf.com.au/
VAF DC-X63 loudspeaker exposed (fabric cover removed)



Once Analog - http://www.onceanalog.com.au/
Vince Hamilton's masterpiece.


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Great idea masterpaul. Also a good way to re-cap previous meetings.


Maybe we could come up with other ideas for re-cap themes from other past meetings?

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DEQX HDP-5 preamp processor, DEQX Integrated Amplifier



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New Grover Notting model - Code 201, next to Code 5.

Grover Notting 'Power Plant' versions


Code 101 Code 5 #1.jpg

Power Plant.jpg

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