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Country music or what young people know as Alternative Country or Alt country

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1 minute ago, jimbobbity said:

Very sweet.


Went to see them years ago at Seagulls as a support for Paul Kelly

Ended up staying for Paul Kelly which was great too 

Spencer P Jones on guitar


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I was actually famous in my last year of high school after I recited the entire song of Alice's Rstaurant ( including differing voices and accents when required ) on the way home from a weekend school

Can't go wrong with these two for a start                Cheers,   Keith    

Just revisiting this one, Dirt Farmer by Levon Helm. I picked this one up a few years ago at a music sale, think I might have posted something about it before, but can't quite remember when that was.

Just now, jimbobbity said:

Don’t forget the first people love a bit of Country and Western.


That’s recorded with Jon Langford 

Do you know The Mekons and The Waco Brothers

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2 minutes ago, turnthetable said:

I'll Spotify it, this one?

Together in Concert


i had that back when it was released 

but never on cd

Tidal has the 2nd one but from memory that is the better one

well worth a listen

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Seriously good record

Dave Rawlings and Gillian Rawlings are all over it

How cool do they look

Too late now but in my next life I’m gonna be a country music singer

And dress like this

Just hope it’s a long time coming?






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5 minutes ago, turnthetable said:

Surely Gillian Welch?



Don’t be so pedantic ?

Just looking ahead
Endless possibilities 

Its boyfriend and girlfriend ?

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1 hour ago, turnthetable said:

Hopeless romantic

Just put up a heap of female country music 

And then shuffled them

Lots of ? and weeping? to go with a few beers

Looked in the fridge and only one left

Ill be doubled sad in a few hours

amongst others







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Weeping country music

And a Tooheys or 2

Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson

And his brother Charlie Robison

Who I had never heard of till now





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On 17/09/2020 at 10:30 PM, turnthetable said:

Now Spotifying (and yodelling):)


Together in Concert

How did that go

I’m Listening to the other one

In Melbourne on Sunday protesters got together and sang a Johnny Farnham song?????

Its a mad world 

They need to listen to Pete Seeger



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1 hour ago, keyse1 said:

How did that go

What the yodelling? needs practice ?


The concert was great, though I have to revisit my guitar playing after listening to Arlo's Don't Think Twice It's Alright.


I didn't mind the banter, Arlo's sense of humour always cracks me up and it's a good foil to Pete's seriousness


I'll check out the other one ?

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A new record by David Bromberg 

His second record from all those decades ago remains one of my favourite records

One of America’s finest musicians

Listening on Tidal 


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Seriously good record 

About the 10th listen now

I like the David Bromberg records from this century after he started recording again

But this is something else 

His voice is deeper now with age layered on to it

The musicians are all great players

 singing and playing as if they were mucking about amongst friends with an infectious sense of fun and inclusion for the person listening 

Cant be rehearsed 

The sheer joy of playing so to speak


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Doing what I do best

Listening to country music?☂️??

And drinking ?

The quantities might be small now

But it’s quality drinking?

Life is just a bowl of????






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This song alone is worth the yearly price of Tidal

Gillian Welch’s perfect vocal and Dave’s sublime guitar

Country music heaven



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In country music you are ever only a hop step and jump away from religion

Like this acapella sing song Standing in the Need Of Prayer 

On the other hand there’s this little ode to 

Mary Jane


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Tidaling the song Goodnight Irene Goodnight Irene

Over a hundred as it turns out

Which brought me to this

Had it on Record but never on CD 

Very distinct cover

Tie dye shirts ?

Very funny

At some point I must have sold it because it’s nowhere to found 

Must have heard it hundreds of times

Great musician especially mouth organ

Good friend with Bob in the 60’s and possibly played bass on Bringing It All Back Home



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