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Dear All those whom have a Marantz Cd 50, I thought I would share some pics for your reference in case you are thinking of modifying it.


The Player has had the following


Audio GD discrete op amps (Earth Variety)

Audio GD clock with discrete power stage

Jantzen Caps(replaced the Obligato's) output capacitors

seperate power supply to the clock(bit of over kill but better to be safe)

No Oversampling mod re- Lukas Fikkus-Lampizator style.

re cap of TDA1541 with metal film decoupling caps

metal film decoupling of power supply regulators

metal film decoupling of Power Filter Capacitors

bitumen lined base and cover

larger supply power caps around discrete op amps


It was certainly a challenge for a novice like me but it was definitely worth every bit of it. 


What a great sounding player, highly recommend doing it over the flat uninvolved stock unit.









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WIth the big film caps for either coupling in signal path bypass, sometimes it's better to stick with the appropriate voltage range then drop large B+ rated caps in (i.e 400v+). Another thing to keep in mind when replacing, bypassing or parallel signal caps is keep the path to the solder pad as short as possible. You can go further with replacing the whole PS stage with a linear regulated board to supply 5/9.5/15v+/- to the analogue output and digital stage with separate trafo's supplying the different rails, this can give a bit better separation in sound passages sometimes and reduce background noise (schottky diodes can also do the trick as well as increased capacitance for the PS filtering caps). 


Next up you can go a bit further with an SRPP output stage following some of Lukaz's examples of lampization.


Not bad for a novice. Good job. Some stained wooden cheeks would go nice with that.

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