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Richard Cranium

Receiver dying???

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Need your thoughts and knowledge guys. I have an Onkyo 7060 H/T receiver that is playing up, but I can't get my head around it.


It has 4 HDMI inputs with Xbox, DVD, foxtel and blu ray connected. Predominantly it is just the foxtel connected, long story short the other 3inputs aren't working now so I thought the internal switching was playing up as its rarely used, so after lots of fiddling around I got the other 3 channels working then they suddenly stopped again, display says no signal except for the foxtel input. So I removed the foxtel cable and tried it in the other 3 inputs and it works perfectly no matter where it's plugged into, so not an internal problem I'm thinking. Must be the cables, swapped the cables and that made no difference.


No matter where I put the foxtel HDMI cable it works and with any cable attached, but nothing else works.

Very confused now, if the receiver was frying internally the other 3 inputs shouldn't work with fox, and if it was the cabling that should have resolved the issue.

To confuse things more, occasionally one or 2 of the other inputs will start working for a while.


I'm lost, seems like a HDMI switching issue but why does the foxtel always work? Any thoughts other than ditching the receiver?

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Do you lose sound, picture, or both?


Have you tried different HDMI output format options in the settings on the other source components?

i.e. Check what HDMI output settings are used in the Foxtel box and set the other sources the same.

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Hi,  did all that.

Bought another unit second hand very cheap which works fine, it turns out the HDMI switching is a very common problem with them which I've looked into. Will have a go myself changing a few capacitors and things, should be able to fix fairly cheaply. If I fk it further, it wont matter as its pretty much cactus now, thanks for your help.

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I was going to suggest looking for possible sources of electromagnetic interference (although its probably not the case here).


I have had a Marantz SR6200 for a good number of years now, and it works flawlessly. However, not long after I bought it I was getting some strange behaviours. Sometimes certain inputs wouldn't work, or it would send the outputs to the wrong speakers (eg: left front channel coming out of right rear speaker!).


I initially thought the unit was faulty, but then realised I had a video sender device positioned close to the AVR (actually, sitting on top of it). I removed the video sender, and the problems stopped. I can only conclude that EM interference from the device was causing logic errors in the AVR.


Probably not the cause here, but maybe something to check for.

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