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SOLD: FS: Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 Black *Price Drop*

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Item: Wyred4Sound DAC2 (Black)
Location: Sydney
Price: $975 (Free postage Australia wide) $1500RRP Sold Pending Payment
Item Condition: As New
Reason for selling: Upgradeitis
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Item comes in original packaging, manual, information/driver cd and remote control.

This needs no introduction. Awesome DAC for the price. Heaps of inputs with built in pre if you choose to run direct. 













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Haha! Depends on how much i can raise ;-)


So far the list is the Luxman DA-06 and the Resonessence Mirus.

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I think Upgradeitis is a common medical condition amongst those who are into the audio world and its contagious :D


Been going through it myself actually, in the early stages I am lol.

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Da06 best choice now but there is issue on drive when u skip a song it will get click sound

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Payment fell through so DAC is back on the market.

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Price drop to $975. These are currently $1500 and likely to rise as the dollar continues to slip!

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Hi Jeremy,

I did reply on the DTV ad as well this morning after your response last night.

I'm keen to snap it up if still available and can do Paypal or bank transfer upon receipt of your details.

I may be able to pick up but my work hrs are pretty ordinary so would probably prefer postage.

Hopefully talk soon


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Now sold pending payment.

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    • By Arv
      Item: W4S STP-SE Pre-Amplifier with HT Bypass (Black)
      Location: Sydney
      Price: $1100
      Item Condition: Used - Excellent Condition see Photos
      Reason for selling: Upgrade/ NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (as a friend or +fees), COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Purchased this Pre from @scumbag. Has been an excellent addition to my system and was a real keeper - however I have simplified my setup and moved away from separates.
      Lots of great reviews of this unit online and on the forums. Instead of trying to explain the magic myself, refer to the following from previous listing I purchased from:
      The unit will come with power lead, remote, manual and double boxed. I also bought a 2nd remote from Deep HZ (brand new & not used). The surface of the original remote had become slightly sticky but completely functional. Both remotes included. Able to ship interstate at buyers expense and risk; rest assured it will be well packed.
      Links to some reviews and features from the W4S website:
      Input / Output wiring upgraded to Kimber Tcss wire 2nd stage filtering caps (4-22,000uf caps) are upgraded to the Wyred 4 Sound Low ESR "SUPER CAP" designed for power supplies Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Optical rotary encoder (volume knob) Fully functional remote control 12V DC Trigger input (to automatically activate HT Bypass mode) Two - 12V DC Trigger outputs Home Theater bypass (customizable for any input, also DC Trigger input selected) Balance control Absolute phase control (0°/180°) - an interesting experience - it's amazing how changing the absolute phase effects the sound. Efficient (no heat) Tripple-ripple reduction circuit contains 164,560uF of capacitance Extremely low noise floor Fully balanced input to output Buffered passive/active design Automatically switched in Line Stage (when more volume is needed) Discrete volume control using dale RN55d resistors Unbalanced to Balanced conversion (when RCA input selected and XLR outputs are being used) Idle power consumption = 15w Rugged construction ½” Machined and Anodised front panels 60kohm input impedance 3 sets of gold plated unbalanced (RCA) inputs 2Â sets of gold plated unbalanced (RCA) outputs 2 sets of Neutrik Balanced (XLR) inputs 2 sets of Neutrik Balanced (XLR) outputs Factory Selectable mains 115/230VAC Compact size (17”W x 4”H x 13”D) 22lbs. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By adamg
      Item: Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 with femto clock upgrade
      Location: Sth Gold Coast
      Price: $600 Firm (incl. delivery within metropolitan Australia - would also help out if you are further afield).
      The current RRP for the DAC-1 in Australia without the upgraded clock is $1250. The only difference being the higher resolution capability of the USB module in the current productions.
      Item Condition: Excellent. Not a mark on it.
      Reason for selling: Having a change
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ any fees), COD Only
      Extra Info:  DAC was purchased new from Deep Hz Audio in November 2015 with the femto clock upgrade which cost an additional $275. I decided on the DAC-1 with upgrade over the DAC-2 as I didn't need the pre-amp or other features and by all accounts SQ is pretty close between the two. The USB on this unit is limited to 24/96 but goes higher over coaxial (and toslink I assume). Non-DSD version too.
      I've really enjoyed this DAC but thought I would have a change. I think there is some transferable warranty.
      Here is the W4S link including features and specification. This is for the current V2 model although the features list seems identical other than higher resolution over USB. Here are the Positive Feedback review and 6 Moons review of the DAC-1. The latter includes some comparisons with other DACs including PS Audio.
      There is more info out there on the DAC-2 which will give you a good idea of performance. This link explains the differences between DAC-1 and DAC-2.


    • By petersv
      Item: Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker + Gieseler Linear Power Supply
      Location: Cleveland, QLD (4163)
      Price: $475 (Shipping +$15, PayPal +3%)
      Item Condition: Used, very good condition
      Reason for selling: No longer required.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) , Bank Transfer
      Extra Info:
      Listing is for a Wyred4Sound Remedy Reclocker (purchased 20-Oct-2015) and a Gieseler Linear PSU (purchased 31-Dec-2015), original Australian printed invoices are included for both items.
      Used between a Sonos Connect and a Devialet 120 to great effect, reduced jitter was immediately noticable and converted the Connect into a high-performance device.
      Although the reviews for the Reclocker have generally been very positive, I've found that the performance jump added when using the Gieseler Linear PSU to the Reclocker took its performance into a whole new realm (a bigger jump than the reclocker itself out of the box!) , and once heard with it, couldn't recommend listening without it. I've found the performance jump gained with this combo scales well when using even better sources/dac, not just entry/mid level etc.
      Current RRP $870+
      Reclocker Features (from website):
        Utilizes an incredible Femto-grade clock Superior jitter reduction Toslink and Coaxial digital inputs Toslink, Coaxial, BNC digital outputs 96kHz output sampling frequency* Digital inputs support up to 24/192kHz 9VDC power supply included 5 year warranty  
      Gieseler Linear PSU:
      This linear low noise DC power supply is designed to improve the performance of digital audio accessory devices that are normally powered by small SMPS plug-packs. All the internal components are of high quality & are selected for reliability & sound quality where applicable. Capacitors are Nichicon Fine Gold, Panasonic or Elna Silmic II’s. It is powered by external IE core transformers. These have a distinct advantage over the usual Toroidal type as they have better isolation between the windings & lower bandwidth means less HF noise coming in via the mains. Also being external there is less radiated hum entering the power supply circuitry. Noise, hum & ripple levels are very low due to the common mode choke pre filtering & low noise Linear Technology high performance regulators. Also what helps to reduce noise as well is the use of Schottky diodes & a transformer LC snubber. The DC output cable/connection is an area that is often neglected; so I have gone to extra lengths here to get it right. The DC output on the supply uses a Neutrik 6 Amp XLR gold pin socket. The supplied DC cable uses a matching Neutrik gold pin plug hand soldered to a 10A lead with moulded DC barrel connector for ruggedness.

      Noise level is approximately 20 uV to 40 uV d. Ripple & hum rejection is approximately 100 dB. Short circuit & thermal protection.


    • By Dionysi73
      Hi everyone,
      I'm selling my home this year but it needs a little work first, so to fund the reno I've decided to sell my entire HT system. For sale are the following items:
      Krix Speakers (4 Ohms):
      Pair of Krix Neuphonix floorstanders
      Krix Epicentrix Centre Channel
      Pair of Acoustix rear bookshelf speakers + stands
      Atlantic Jarrah Finish
      2x SVS PB-13 Ultra's
      Black Oak
      Pre Amp (Processor)
      Anthem AVM50V including Anthem Room Correction kit and RS-232 adaptor
      Power Amplifier
      Wyred4Sound 5.1 Channel (MC Multichannel) Power Amplifer - 250w RMS per channel / 500w RMS per channel (into 4 Ohms (Krix Rating)
      ** All Black finish
      JVC DLA -HD950 - THX Certified / ISF Calibration
      Approaching 3,000 hours so will require its first lamp replacement soon.
      Projector Screen
      LP Morgan Rondo IR Remote 110" Electric Screen
      Thoroughbred Sequenced Power Interface (SPI)
      Power Cables
      3x RK Cable, Power cables for Thoroughbred SPI, Anthem processor, SVS (1 sub only)
      Speaker Cables
      1x 3m Clink Siren Multicore
      1x 2m Clink Siren Multicore
      1x 2m Clink Siren Multicore
      10m Kordz EVS Series HDMI Cable (Projector to Anthem)
      Other Cables:
      Multi-Channel XLR cables (Processor to Amplifier)
      http://clink.com.au/audio/6channel.htm - same type of cable configuration but with quality XLRs instead of RCA's
      Clink (Cinema Link)10m XLR Cable for the rear SVS Sub
      All items are in perfect working order and in fantastic condition, well looked after. No pets, no kids and thankfully, no wife!
      Selling the lot complete: $14,000
      ** Pick up only - Melbourne area (Clarinda 3169)
      Please PM me if you're interested or require further details.
    • By mikeymikey85
      Location: Sydney
      Item Condition:
      Reason for selling:
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
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