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SOLD: Garrard 301 with SME 3012 and Ortofon SPU G

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Item: Garrard 301 TT with SME 3012 Tonearm, Vinylista Pear wood plinth and SPU G MC
Location: Perth
Price: 3700 AU
Item Condition: very very good
Reason for selling: Shindo 301
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: This started as a project to find out, whether I could create a TT as good as my Shindo. I couldn't but this Garrard is almost as good, meaning very very good when compared with the same Shindo pick up (via Ortofon Adapter) for a fraction of the price. The Garrard is in near perfect condition and recently serviced by the Turntable Doctor. Everything works as it should.

The plinth was made by "Vinylista"  Martin Brenner in Germany (vinylista.de) of beautiful old and oiled pear wood and works like the Loricraft plinths with a Squash ball suspension. Just the craftsmanship is a lot better. It comes with an exchangeable armboard, should you wish to change the arm. 

The SME arm was converted to RCA and comes with the normal and the heavy SPU weight and a bronce knife bearing.

The SPU is used but in very good condition, alternatively you can have a naked SPU N on a SME headshell or my Kondo IO. You could also have the TT with a new SPU GE. The Kondo or the new SPU will change the price!

A Van Den Hul Phono cable, TT motor bearing oil and platter damping rings are included. The original Garrard Rubber mat looks like new.

I also have a very good Sun Audio SAT 2000 SUT if you need or, should you take the TT with the Kondo IO an old Kondo AN S6c SUT if the offer is right and you twist my arm properly.

Audition encouraged, postage please not. 

More pictures are available







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Nice Revox !

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it's that last 5% (or maybe 1%) that Shindo gets so right! 

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maybe, but it could also be the different arm and cable playing quite an important role. It was definetely a very successful experiment and I will be sad when I see it go. The girl likes it more than the Shindo and only partially for the looks.

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Glorious 301 Christian. Your girl clearly has good taste.

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as seller told me - it's sold.

probably need to close the topic...

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