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My Interpretation of the Flexy Rack

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As I've mentioned in a few places, we're hoping to get our plans approved and build a new listening room in early 2014.

In the meantime, my system has been demoted from the lounge room to a corner of my office. At first it sucked, but I realised that after a bit of playing around it's quite manageable.


Struggling to find any soft of hi-fi rack that was reasonably priced, or not glass proved a real challenge. So yesterday I put together my own version.


Off to Bunnings for some supplies, I could only find 12mm ply. I laminated a couple of those together for a 24mm shelf. I got three coats of Jarrah stain/lacquer on last night and left overnight to cure.


Then assembly this morning. 5/8" all-thread was used to tie it all together. I've ordered some chrome acorn nuts to finish off the top.


The legs are chrome table legs, that I cut each one down to 3 pieces + a small foot.
These sit over the all-thread and nut / washer on each shelf.

The whole thing has ended up quite rigid and solid. Problem solved :)











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That looks fantastic Marc.


I am not particularly gifted when it comes to building or assembling things but from reading your post I reckon me and a mate of mine who is savvy with this stuff, could put one together next weekend, or soonish.


Like you I have been searching in vain for a decent and affordable rack sans glass shelves and this looks the biz :thumb::)

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Oh I should mention, at least in my case, this one scored quite highly on the WAF, which means I might be making more now!

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Won't be long before you head back to Bunnings for some more ply and end up with open baffle speakers, isolation platforms and a tapped horn down to 10hz for the bass!

Ahh Bunnings, a DIY audiophiles best friend.

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Won't be long before you head back to Bunnings for some more ply and end up with open baffle speakers, isolation platforms and a tapped horn down to 10hz for the bass!


Open Baffle - all speakers (and horns) are sitting in a cupboard waiting for a rainy day.

Isolation Platforms - next week, maybe :)

Tapped Horn - too many other DIY designs I have in the works that interest me more, for now :)

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This was given away for free on SNA some time back now. Recently replaced with another custom - but had to call on Dad's fabrication skills for this one.





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    • By grorr76
      Item:   wood hi fi rack 4 tier
      Price Range:
      Item Condition: New or Used
      Extra Info:
      would need to be in melbourne, if you have one let me know pm me with some pictures cheers
      no glass ones please.
    • By MAXXX
      Item Condition: used, VGC Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available. Suburb or Town: Kardinya State: Western Australia Payment Method: Any Reason for selling: whinging Further information:  This is server rack used as hifi rack in my study...very solid build and excellent ventilation. Adjustable shelving. Perforated steel mesh doors can be adjusted to open both ways.
      Comes with installed power board that can be removed if needed.
      I never used it but it comes with  rear door that can be fully closed and some cable management ducts. Removable side panels.
      4 castors for easier movement...Due to size and weight, pickup only.
      Weight               71.8 kg Width 600mm Length 600 mm Height 1180 mm  
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    • By carono
      I wanted a cheap but sturdy rack that housed all components and my records. The IKEA Lack table hifi rack hack is quite popular and you can find various versions posted on the internet. I decided to give it a go, with a few variations of my own so that it was sturdy (and heavy) and would hold records.

      What i used:
      6 x IKEA Lack Tables  22 x wooden dowels (each approx 50mm/2 inches long) 1 x tube of PVA wood glue hard wood lengths to go inside hollow table legs  
      1 x drop saw (mitre saw) 1 x electric drill 1 x bench vice (to hold legs when drilling the holes for wooden dowels)  

      Here is what i did:
      Measured height of each audio component and made a little sketch to show dimensions of finished product. I left a bit of space to allow for air circulation, with more space over my amp than other components. Cut the legs of each Lack table set to suit required height. I put gaffa tape around the leg where the cut was to be made to prevent any splintering/chipping of the white surface. A handsaw, jigsaw or circular saw will not to the job (i tried this on a test piece before remembering i had a dropsaw in the shed). I filled the hollow legs with lengths of hard, solid wood (from an old balustrade that i had dismantled a few years ago) and wedged and glued them in. They fitted quite well, but i still had to wedge and glue them in. Drill holes on the bottom of each table leg, and at each corner of the table top surface. This is for the wooden dowels that will hold each table together.  Remember not to drilll the table top of the top unit (the one your turntable sits on). Using a drill press will make sure your drilling is perfectly vertical and accurate. I didn't have a drill press, and managed ok. Make sure you measure where your holes are going to go, and use a drill bit so that the wooden dowel will fit snug.  
      You can now start assembling each individual table. The lack tables come with some double screws to fit the tops of the legs to the underside of the tabletop.
      Each assembled table can now be fitted together in the order you require, with a length of wooden dowel to hold the table to the one above it. I made sure the wooden dowel was tight in the hole as i didn't want to glue them (in case i want to change the order of each unit at a later date).
      Each tables come with plastic bases. Throw most of them away, and fit four plastic bases to the legs on the lowest unit (the one on the floor)
      I used a spare bits of legs to put in the addition vertical 'leg' so that records can be held upright properly (see photo)
      I used spare bits of leg to make cable tidy that go at the back. I used a 35mm drill bit to make the holes in  the table tops and for the cables to exit the legs (see photo). [note the photo was taken during test assembly and the units aren't pushed together properly. The finished product is very neat with no gaps].
      Here are some tips: 
      Measure at least twice Put a cloth around peices you hold in a vice so not to damage the white veneer Don't tighten vice to much label front and back with a pencil, so anything less than perfect gets hidden at the back Do a trial assembly before any gluing  

    • By Anish
      Item: Home Theatre equipment rack with glass door
      Location: Melbourne, Western Suburbs
      Price: $300
      Item Condition: Good
      Reason for selling: Consolidating home theatre and hifi equipment to a new rack
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: This rack is 100cm tall, 50 cm deep and 50 cm wide. The front door is glass, which can be fitted to open from the right (current state) and the left. The middle shelf is fixed, but the top and bottom ones can be height adjusted. with holes at the back for wires. The top of the rack has a piece of thick glass sitting on four rubber washers, which can be taken off if you don't like it.
      I think it's made from MDF, and it's heavy. LOCAL PICKUP only.
      And stating the obvious, none of the equipment seen in the pictures come with the rack.


    • By karmakat
      Item: Gecko Tempered Glass/Steel Hifi Rack
      Location: Ashfield NSW
      Price: $200
      Item Condition: used
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Heavy and very solid (about 40kg), this Gecko stand ensures easy access and good air flow.
      Glass is all chamfered and tempered, making it very heavy.
      Dimensions : 88cm at widest point, 55cm deep, 79 cm tall.
      Excellent condition - no scratches to any of the glass.
      Top glass - 9mm, shelves are 6mm. Middle 2 shelves are adjustable.
      Adjustable feet to get it level.
      Would have been top of the line when produced.


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