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1 hour ago, t_mike said:

What is this like? I've seen the vinyl for sale and thought about it, but hesitated. Looks like it may have been captured direct to 35mm film too.

Sounds good to me. ūüôā. There's clips on Youtube.

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The hour of separation is my fave. He can be a bit relentlessly virtuosic on his own and benefits from being reined in as part of a larger group of big talents. Joseph Tawadros (Oud) John Abercro

So due to popular demand (or at least two "likes" to the idea), I'm starting a thread dedicated to the weird, wonderful world of erm, "World Music".  Here we can enjoy the folk/rock/fusion/gumbo that

Here are some terrific collaborations/improvisations from musicians from Turkey through to India.   Persian Night Silence Desert - Mohammed Reza Shajrian & Kayhan Kalhor   Persian/Turkish.  

One of two CDs I ordered by Carolina Chocolate Drops (Justin Robinson, Rhiannon Giddens, Dom Flemons). - released in 2010





Two tracks from the album, Hit 'Em Up Style.




Reynadine - a solo vocal recording by Rhiannon Giddens. Definitely showing some Celtic influences here. (I should point out that Rhiannon Giddens doesn't sing lead vocals on all tracks. The other members take their turn, and they are just fine, but I seem to have become a bit of a Rhiannon Giddens fan lately, so my choices are perhaps a bit biased.)



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Nothin' like a little Afrobeat first thing in the morning to get you started.

D.C.'s own Chopteeth, after the Fela Kuti song. 


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The thing about Afrobeat is coming with anything else is like letting the air out of a balloon. 


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On 14/09/2020 at 10:32 AM, JukKluk2 said:

Not sure that this is strictly World Music, being an African American's take on her heritage, but, DAMN!!!! it is good.

Red Earth Malian Journey


I ended up buying a copy of this from a seller called teverjef on ebay. It is a second hand copy, 2 disc version. The seller advertised it as being in brand new condition.


I am always a bit hesitant about ordering from ebay, but took a chance in this case. I ordered it on 1st October, it arrived yesterday, and I am pleased to say that the seller was true to his word. It is in excellent condition, and was well packaged, being bubble wrapped inside a small cardboard box, with the whole thing inside a padded post bag. Thank you teverjef, well done!


I played this last night, and I agree with JukKluk2, it is DAMN good. It is a very good mix indeed with Dee Dee's jazz leanings blending beautifully with the playing and singing of the African musicians. Traditional African instruments feature prominently, and work very well with the piano and double bass of her band members.


The music was mostly recorded in Bamako, Mali, with three tracks being recorded in Paris. There was obviously a good camaraderie between all concerned, and that shows in the performances. Very well recorded too, sound quality is excellent.


The second disc is a DVD containing a 45 minute documentary called "Motherland", which chronicles the process that they went through to make this recording. It is very good, well worth watching, and can be viewed on YouTube.




And thanks to JukKluk2 for putting me on to this.



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