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So due to popular demand (or at least two "likes" to the idea), I'm starting a thread dedicated to the weird, wonderful world of erm, "World Music".  Here we can enjoy the folk/rock/fusion/gumbo that

The hour of separation is my fave. He can be a bit relentlessly virtuosic on his own and benefits from being reined in as part of a larger group of big talents. Joseph Tawadros (Oud) John Abercro

Here are some terrific collaborations/improvisations from musicians from Turkey through to India.   Persian Night Silence Desert - Mohammed Reza Shajrian & Kayhan Kalhor   Persian/Turkish.  

heard a track off this last week, what was that band? Must track down the show's playlist. Then Moses Iten played one on PBS FM's Space is The Place today, mystery solved.

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band out of Thailand


< The DJ team of Maft Sai and Chris Menist are best known for reviving the pop music of Thailand from the 60s and 70s, through their much-praised compilation sets for the Soundway label, The Sound of Siam. The second such release concentrated on the pulsating molam music from the north-east of the country, and now they have updated the style with a new band featuring Chris Menist on percussion, along with two impressive instrumentalists, Kammao Perdtanon playing the traditional phin lute and the veteran Sawai Kaewsombat on the khaen (which is like a large harmonica constructed from bamboo pipes). They are backed by bass and drums, for a rousing debut album that mixes traditional Thai styles with echoes of folk-rock, blues and dub. There are passages of driving, hypnotic improvisation backed by sturdy western bass riffs, but the finest tracks are those recorded without the rhythm section. >

regards Ian
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@@mrbuzzardstubble @@Ian McP and others. Guys, I'm just starting out to explore World Music and acquire a collection and while I've heard some on FM radio over the years, I really only have one CD....Midnight in Mali (above). Is there a good site where I can audition and then buy my selections? 


I just don't know where to begin....Cheers.

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Hi @@MusicOne.I didn't get into world music seriously until I attended my first Womadelaide 20 years ago.It was while I was there that I discovered the Songlines (UK) magazine.There are 8 issues per year and it's a great way to explore this genre.Each issue comes with a covermount cd which contains 10 songs from their highest rated reviews.A guest musician also selects 5 songs,so 15 tracks on every disc.About half of the issues also come with a bonus cd from a world music label.Highly recommended.I get my magazine through my newsagency but you can subscribe.$14 for the over the counter and quite a bit cheaper if via subscription.They also have a digital version for ipads etc.As well as all the reviews there's lots of interesting articles about musicians,books,dvds and even foreign film reviews.I hope I have been of some assistance.Cheers. :)

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yep, if you haven't been to Womadelaide, just go! A couple of weeks away, top class acts, you're spoilt for choice and a great friendly atmosphere




I've been a longtime subscriber to Songlines as well, highly recommended. You could also stream PBS and RRR, two excellent FM stations based here in Melbourne, they archive their shows.


Here are a few to "test the waters"


The Good, the Dub and the Global



Global Village


Flight 1067 to Africa



warning: highly addictive

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I'm willing to lay odds that if MusicOne goes to Womadelaide,he'll be back for seconds :) I gave it a try in '95 and this year will be my 17th or 18th. A magic four days.

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Anouar Brahem-Souvenance.Two discs of mesmerizing magic from the oud master.Oud,bass,bass clarinet,piano (Francois Couturier) and the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.

Didnt know this was out yet. Must buy it tomorrow.

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Breaking News.

Songlines have just announced they have just been added to the Mark Allen Group.This company publishes the Gramophone & Jazzwise magazines.They have also announced that Songlines will go from 8 issues per annum to 10.Woo hoo :)

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Anouar Brahem-Souvenance.Two discs of mesmerizing magic from the oud master.Oud,bass,bass clarinet,piano (Francois Couturier) and the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.


@@mrbuzzardstubble Where did you get this from and is it available to audition, online?

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Hi @@MusicOne.I purchased my copy from Title at Surry Hills.They have stores in Brisbane and Melbourne (the old Discurio store in Hardware Lane) if you happen to reside on the east coast.I ordered mine over the phone but they have a web site.$35 +$10 p+p. As far as an audition,I know there's at least one song on youtube.I think it is from a live concert.Or you could try in one of the Title stores if they're handy.Cheers.

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Figured that this might be the best place to post comments about Irish music (would probably get a bit lost in the noise in the general 'currently spinning' thread).


I ordered the new CD from Irish traditional band, Danu, from their website a little while ago. It arrived last week, and I have been spinning it quite a bit over the last few days.




I personally think that Danu are one of the finest Irish traditional bands around at the moment. They are currently a 5 piece outfit, featuring the singing of Muireann nic Amhlaoibh (who also plays flute and whistle). I just love the way this lady sings. She has a very melodic, fluid voice, and manages to put a lot of expression into her singing. Ireland has produced many fine female singers over the years, and I reckon she is right there with the best of them.


Although Danu are technically 5 piece, I notice that two former members, Tom Doorley and Donnchadh Gough have joined them for this album. They have also been joined by the inimitable Donal Lunny who plays a range of instruments on various tracks, and who also produced the album.


I personally think that this is probably their finest effort so far. Their ensemble playing on the instrumental tracks is as good as you will hear in this sort of music, and Muireann's singing is a joy to listen to. They sound like a band at the top of their game.


If I have to pick a favourite track, it would have to be track 2, the song 'Beir Mo Dhuthracht'. I just love her singing on this. (I hunted for a clip of this song, but the best I could come up with is the samples on amazon.co.uk.)




Here is a link to the band's website.




and  Muireann nic Amhlaoibh has her own website, here.








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Thanks emesbee.Don't mind the odd bit of diddlydee.On Womadelaide,fans if Gotye will be hapoy to know he has been added to the lineup.


Glad you liked the post, but I have to say that Irish music is rather more than just 'diddlydee'. There is far more substance to it than that.  :)

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Too true.I predict The Gloaming will be one of the hits of the festival and could get top honours at the Songlines Awards.I might have to lash out and pick up their disc at Mr V's. :)


I already have their disc, bought it online a while ago. I'm very keen to see them live.

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Colombiafrica:The Mystic Orchestra-Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land.

*Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land* [Riverboat, 2007]

Centered in the drug entrepôt of Cartagena on Colombia's Caribbean coast, champeta has the regional currency of reggaeton or baile funk. Even at its simplest, though, it's more musicianly, played by live bands and directly influenced by many Afropop styles. This U.S.-released introduction is anything but simple--it is in fact the rare piece of pan-Africana that doesn't seem designed to soften up millionaires at a UNESCO benefit. The secret is Congo-Parisian guitar etoile Bopol Mansiamina adding idiomatic expertise and handing work off to comrades such as Diblo Dibala and Rigo Star. But what he's adding to also counts: three champeta stars whose own idioms include jerky cumbia and vallenata, boilerplate salsa and squeezeboxes and funny horns never heretofore heard on what is more or less a soukous record--though more likely to show up on one that also flirts with highlife and Afrobeat. You'll hear some funny voices, too--funny ha-ha and funny peculiar. -Robert Christgau.


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