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AIFF: Circles

just heard this on Jazz Got Soul PBS

Jazz Got Soul | PBS 106.7FM

< Groove orientated jazz from Bebop to soul jazz with a dash of Ethio and Latin jazz. Driving rhythms, fiery solos and killer bass lines from the 1950's to today. >


some uber tight brass n drumming’! Afro soul! Would you believe Netherlanders hailing from Rotterdam!



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nice compilation of Fania label artistes, most of whom I'm hearing for first time. The Latino rhythms are infectious!



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lucky to catch these guys in Melbourne a couple of months ago!




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Getting my fix of Brazilian thanks to @mrbuzzardstubble for sharing..


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Bixiga 70, appearing at Womadelaide 2018



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The Gloaming Live at the NCH




The Gloaming, recorded live at Dublin's National Concert Hall. My CD copy arrived a few days ago, and I've just had a first listen. In a word, superb!


Only six tracks on the album, but total playing time is fairly generous as some tracks are quite long ("The Sailor's Bonnet" and "Fainleog" are around 13m and 18m respectively). Beautifully played in front of a very receptive audience who are respectfully quiet while they are playing, with enthusiastic applause at the end of each track. This is a very well recorded album, and is a joy to listen to. I imagine the concert hall acoustics contribute a great deal to the sound of this album.


Their studio albums are great, but I think this is The Gloaming at their best, performing live in a concert hall to an appreciative audience. This is a 'must have' for anyone who enjoys either of their two previous albums.


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Manu Dibango - African Woodoo.


Some of the coolest work we've ever heard from the legendary Manu Dibango – sound library recordings done right around the same time as his "Soul Makossa" hit, and with an equally funky groove! The music often has Manu's sax in the lead, alongside larger orchestrations that have a soundtrack/sound library funk sort of approach – tight, but never slick – and a perfect foil for solos, especially considering that some of the music here was recorded in New York – with work from Cedar Walton on keyboards, Buster Williams on bass, and Tony Williams on drums! The whole thing's great – a whole new side of Dibango's genius, appearing here for the first time ever – and titles include "Lagos Go Slow", "Du Bush A Bush", "Walking To Waza". "Blowin' Western Mind", "Motapo", "Groovy Flute", "African Pop Session", "Coco In Central Park", "Aphrodite Shake", and "New Wood". © 1996-2018, Dusty Groove, Inc.

unnamed (6).jpg

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One fantastic album bringing together Tony Allen legendary afrobeat drummer and the unique talent of Finn Jimi Tenor.

I never tire of playing this!






< Strut's "Inspiration Information" Series moves on from the critically acclaimed Mulatu Astatke / the Heliocentrics collaboration with the fourth album in the series, a mouthwatering head to head between Finnish maverick Jimi Tenor and afrobeat drumming legend, Tony Allen! Jimi Tenor remains a fascinating enigma in modern day music. Consistently one of the best and most unpredictable live artists around, his work since his breakthrough album 'Intervision' (Warp, 1997) to a series of afro-based albums with his band Kabu Kabu. Tony Allen continues to attract new fans as one of the greatest drummers alive today. Celebrated as the creator of the afrobeat rhythm and a lynchpin of Fela Kuti's Africa 70 band, his recent work has included The Good, the Bad & the Queen collaboration with Damon Albarn and his first album for World Circuit records released earlier this year, 'Secret Agent'. Recorded at Lovelite Studios in berlin in November 2008, with further sessions this year in Finland and Paris, this Tenor / Allen collaboration whips up a raw, heavy analogue sound mixing the full range of Allen's afrobeat repertoire with Tenor's off-kilter brew of dark humour, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and tight, firing musicianship. The sessions involved key members of Tenor's Kabu Kabu band. Tenor's trademark saxophone and range of home-made instruments rub shoulders with vintage keyboards and traditional african percussion to create a 'no rules' set that brings the best out of both artists. The resulting album is one of the best recordings that both artists have produced in recent years, topical, biting, funny and always funky, experimental but never straying from 'the one', this is another high quality addition to the 'Inspiration Information' series!  >


Here's a track



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Circo Inferno Cabaret Vol. 3 (Felmay)

From the Felmay site.

After having explored the music of the Mediterranean, in particular that of the Balcan region, in its first two volumes, Circo Inferno Cabaret, promoted by Santarcangelo dei Teatri, dedicates its third volume to a particular notion of electronic music, one which stresses the ties, references and modifictations which permeate, lacerate and perforate electronica when it is brought into contact with more styles and genres of music that have had more time to sediment. Thus the listener can appreciate the deep ethnic vein that haunts tracks by bands like Orange Blossom, the young Poles of the Warsaw Village Band and Italy’s own Mau Mau, as well the incursions into daily life hidden in the machinic textures of Pentole & Computer. With Frame and Retina, by contrast, we discover glacial, highly variegated rhythmic pulses that effortlessly nudge drifting bodies in a transparent amniotic fluid. Turning to songwriting composition we run into our old friend Steve Piccolo featured here on two tracks along with cohorts Gak Sato and Luca Gemma, who give us a state of the art, “distorted” take on the humble pop song. Both ancient and modern is the post-rock of Velma who artfully weave together minimalist and psychedelic elements, while Noorda though operating in a similar camp, favour stripped down, trip-hoppy blues. And after the tastily ironic global stew cooked up by Shatadoo there’s still the artful electro-jazz of Vince Vasi Qy Lungh and the neo-Brazilian grooves of Giorgio Li Calzi, who deftly rewrites saudade-saturated songs with his electronic pen. Volume III of Circo Inferno Cabaret is a compilation that lives up to the “no limits, no boundaries” aesthetic of the first two volumes. 

unnamed (7).jpg

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Speaking of the Strut label,this is their latest release. Available for pre-order via their site


“The new album is complete fire – right in the moment.” - Gilles Peterson.
Strut presents the brand new album from cosmic jazz travellers The Pyramids, led by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, 'An Angel Fell'. “I wanted to use folklore, fantasy and drama as a warning bell,” explains Ackamoor. “The songs explore global themes that are important to me and to us all: the rise of catastrophic climate change and our lack of concern for our planet, loss of innocence and separation... but positive themes too, the healing power of music, collective action and the simple beauty of nature.

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French-Tunisian singer Amina Annabi 1989 debut album Yalil on Philips records, pressed in France.  wonderful album




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new album from Seun Kuti and Egypt 80


< Strut presents the new album from the modern day leader of Afrobeat, Seun Kuti. The youngest son of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti is as incensed by injustice as his father ever was and, with his mighty new album Black Times including features from Carlos Santana and Robert Glasper, he honours the revolutionaries who have gone before and rallies the torch-bearers to come.

Black Times is the fourth album by Seun and Egypt 80, the extraordinary dance orchestra created by Fela Kuti as a conduit for the common people. Inherited by the 14-year- old Seun in 1997, the younger Kuti has been building to this, his most accomplished and honest album yet. “Black Times is a true reflection of my political and social beliefs,” says the singer, bandleader and musician, 34. “It is an album for anybody who believes in change and understands the duty we have to rise up and come together. The elites always try to divide the working class and the poor people of the world. The same oppression felt by workers in Flint, Michigan is felt by workers in Lagos and Johannesburg.” >

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Hi All,


A purchase from several years ago from Analog Africa - Space Echo on Bandcamp.





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