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Vintage receivers/amps from USA conversion

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1 minute ago, k-k-k-kenny said:

For what it's worth, boys, see that small logo that looks a little like an earth logo, with the letters "S.R.C." next to it? 

Doesn't the presence of this Standard Radio Corp. T-tag suggest that, if nothing else, the plate bearing the serial number was made in Japan under the manufacturing partnership of that time between Superscope and SRC?  And if the plate, why not a whole lot else of the device?

See here about T-tags of the mysterious Orient:



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5 minutes ago, hollerith said:

I'm glad to read you acknowledge the possibility that you have not seen every compliance plate Marantz used, 'cause I don't think that badge has been modified. It's a pity brando1 has gone, 'cause it would be good for him to read and that with extra information, he could acknowledge that it was made in Japan, albeit sneakily badged. What a strange thing to butt heads about!


Anyway, what I would like to contribute is that S.R.C. is Standard Radio Corporation (of Japan, that is!), who later were renamed 'Marantz of Japan'. So, it tacitly admits to being made in Japan, but it's necessary to decode the acronym.

Indeed. I didn't even think about the SRC reference. Silly me. Just a nit: Standard Radio Corporation became MJI (Marantz Japan Inc). 


And yes, I should not have allowed the argy-bargy to have continued. It was silly. 

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