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Free homemade acoustic panels (6)

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Item: 6 homemade acoustic panels
Location: Hobart
Price: free
Item Condition: OK
Reason for selling: made new nicer ones with acoustisorb 3
Payment Method: N/A
Extra Info: pick-up only
Pictures: none 


6 panels: 1350 x 600 approx. Bradford soundscreen batts on pine/calico frames covered in black material.  They look fair to OK but not great.    They certainly will tame a small room.  Also have some additional bats and 1 empty frame.


Big CAVEAT: I recently set them up in a small 3.5x3.8 room with a second system.  Whilst they worked really well in taming slap echo, I found that they affected the air in the room i.e. stifled any freshness such that when I packed them away, I noticed the 'air' was nice again.  Therefore I recommend that whoever takes them uses them to experiment any need for room treatment and then eventually moves them on.  It could well be that fibres remain exposed through the material such that they impact on the room.  





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    • By walpataca
      Item: 4 x CMF R3-B Acoustic Panels (600mm x 1200mm x 50mm)
      Location: East Lindfield, Sydney, 2070
      Price: $200 ONO
      Item Condition: Good-to-fair
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Purchased from stereonet a few years ago and are in good-fair condition:
      - One panel is discoloured in a few places around the sides from being to close to somekind of bleach-based spray
      - One panel doesnt have the hanging string (which can be fixed easily enough)
      Collection only due to their size.


    • By Jventer
      Very interesting article and review here:
    • By Tone Malone
      Hi folks,
      I'm happy with my stereo set-up but think it's time to focus more on what I can do to improve the room acoustics. A diagram showing my room layout is below.
      I realise the speakers are too close to the wall and my sitting position is too close to the back wall, but it's a fairly compact place and it is a "family room". The speakers are standmounts on a very solid entertainment unit. We have wooden floorboards, hard walls/ceiling etc.
      I would describe the sound as precise and the bass is punchy, but I suspect the room is making the upper-mids a bit harder than they should be ... the overall sound could be a bit more cohesive and "well rounded", with a better soundstage. 
      Things I would be able to do:
      * Add tasteful(!) wall (and maybe roof) treatments
      * Add mini stands under the speakers 
      * *Maybe* put the speakers on separate stands and move them further apart. 
      Things I can't do:
      * Re-arrange the room layout significantly (if I can move anything, it might be by a centremetres)
      * Move the speakers further away from the wall (this has been attempted a couple of times but they mysteriously move back)
      * Turn the room into a shrine for black foam.
      Based on the diagram, could anyone suggest room treatments and where I might position them (understanding I'll need to experiment a bit).
      Any suggestions that keep this enterprise to a three-figure budget also greatly appreciated. 
    • By Jonny
      Item: Acoustic Bass Traps x 4

      Location: Victoria (Dandenong Ranges)

      Price: $800

      Item Condition: Great condition(some scruff marks on the wood)

      Reason for selling: not in use

      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, bank transfer

      Extra Info: Canvas wrapped, wood frame and filled with Acoustisorb 3. There is a small difference in the thickness/shape of the bass traps, but you don't notice this when stacked in the corners. These were much more expensive when I purchased them second hand, so they are heavily discounted. Excellent built quality and they look great. Happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne metro area but can't ship these interstate. 

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