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Multi-room AV receiver that's Apple-compatible: Marantz SR7008?

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My trusty but ancient Onkyo 656 from about a dozen years ago is about to be retired to the shed. Not because it has failed, but because the most advanced thing it speaks is S-Video and all my sources are now HDMI.


I'm also using this as an excuse to upgrade my Vifa kit speakers (Jaycar 60-somethings) with something larger (I like the bass, it's catchy; you like it?) and more capable.


So far I've listened to Monitor Audio Silver & Bronze, Legend something-or-others (about $2.5k for a pair) and Krix Phoenix Mk 2s. My lead ears here liked all of them, but each movie or CD switched which one I like best *AND* my preference levels were tiny.


EG: For some of the stuff I listened to I preferred Monitor Bronze to Silver, which is backwards, other stuff led to different preferred speakers. End result was I decided that I'm insufficiently audiophile to pick a speaker based on on actual quality, so I've decided that Adelaide speakers will be fine un-auditioned. They look awesome (I'm getting custom veneer) and Edward has been amazingly helpful, so "sold".


Display is a 50" Panasonic Viera Plasma - won't be updated.


I was looking at a Sonos 5.1 setup, because "stupidly simple" but eventually decided that getting a $500-$1,000 AV receiver, a new set of decent speakers plus a Sonos Connect for the streaming thingy was the better solution.


I then decided to add a couple of Connect:AMPs to power the two remote rooms was a good idea. Then I added all that up...


Deleting the Sonos stuff will save me almost two grand that I'm willing to add to my AV receiver budget.


We're massively Apple-logo'd at home: Have an Apple TV, lots of iPods, iPhones, Mac computers. I want a receiver that can power three rooms (two stereo, one 5.1) and have Sonos-level connectivity/WiFi/streaming/etc.


The rooms are all adjacent with common ceiling space, and they're about to be re-wired and re-gyprocked anyway (we're renovating), so running speaker cable isn't a problem or re-work expense. I don't really need the ability to play different stuff in each room, it's all very open plan.


Given the above: Is there anything with significantly more features/capabilities than a Marantz SR7008?


Minimum AV receiver features wanted:

  • 4+ HDMI ports, one with audio return (TV tuner is in the display)
  • 5.1 +  plus either two rooms of speakers or one room and the ability to cope with 4 Ohm speakers (bridged pairs per channel).
  • iOS app control, Airplay, iPod/iPhone connectivity, etc, etc.
  • Music fidelity is more important than how good the explosions sound in movies.

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