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Speaker bases / plinths (on a budget)

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I've got a pair of 2nd hand Linn Espek floor-standers but alas the previous owner had lost the composite stone/resin plinth bases.

Consensus seems to be that using the heavy bases takes the Espeks' performance from being decent to brilliant.

Plus we have sprung wooden floors!

So I definitely want to install some kind of heavy base underneath the speakers.


Are any SNA members able to point me in the right direction of somewhere in Sydney I can source some granite to make plinths?

Doesn't have to be anything flash looking & I don't have a big budget - certainly not hundreds of dollars.

Approx dimensions 200mm x 350mm & about 40-50mm thick (or 2 x 20mm slabs glued together).


Alternatively I've heard that pavers do a passable job - any comments on this or other low-budget solutions?





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I have found that if you phone a few kitchen builders they often have a few 'off cuts' that are suitable, as they usually throw out piece that size as they are of no use to them ....





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Don't use pavers with the Espeks and I would question the idea that simply adding mass to the plinths is a good idea.

I seem to remember that Linn used a stone loaded polymer bases in the 'upgrade' bases.

Search the Linn and Leonjonklu forums for good suggestions.

PS : I want your speakers :)

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Thanks JJ.


Ozcall - I'm interested to hear more about your reservations about adding mass to the plinths - in what way/s might it be a bad idea?

Yes Linn used a stone loaded polymer bases (or as I wrote, "composite stone/resin") in the 'upgrade' bases.

As mentioned most forums & reviews I have read say that the speakers sound MUCH better with the plinths attached.

Alas I don't have the spare $$ for genuine Linn replacement plinths so am looking for a cost-effective (possibly even a DIY) solution.

What specifically do you suggest I search the Linn and Leonjonklu forums for? Do you mean for alternatives to genuine Linn plinths?

Cheers :)

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