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Marantz or Rotel for Dynaudio?

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Hi All,


I'm currently building a system and have a pair of dynaudio dm 2/6 speakers, I was just wondering what would be a good amp to match these?

I'm on a bit of a budget so the two I was considering was the Marantz PM6004 or the Rotel RA-10. Does anyone have any views on these or is

there something else I should be looking at?


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I've auditioned the PM6004 integrated amp on a number of speakers (Elac, Jamo C803 & B&W 683) and was quite impressed with the sound quality. The power output is not huge, however, it seemed to produce good volume an all the speakers tested. Dyns generally demand a fair amount of power, although the DM2/6 are 6ohm (unlike most other Dyns at 4 ohm) so may be an easier load for the amp.


I've not heard the RA-10 but I am looking at Rotel power amps as a possible option to drive my Dyn Focus monitors.

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Do either of these have pre- outs? Maybe you can consider using them as integrated for now, but keep an option open for pre/power down the track.

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