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Howdy All ! Long time reader, First time user.

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Hi All,


Username KrashDekki here, Posting as it's a mandatory step to get to know other Enthusiast's.


I am from a southern region of Wollongong, Australia. I have been interested in Hifi for a while now as me and my dad have shared the hobby, and it is fair to say I am moving on to the Chronic side of collecting things. I have had quite a few Items pass through my hands but nothing with major status as yet, as I find most of my items on Ebay/Markets/Garage Sales Etc...


I have been a long time reader of such forums and am very grateful for all the knowledge I have gained so far. I hope to gain further knowledge and hear of others experience's as they can do so from me.


I look forward to good times ahead ---  Any questions please ask !


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Greetings addicts like you depress me there is no place in this family environment for the likes of youn;(

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    • By andy-day
      Hello evriiiibody!! I'm here to discover Australian hi fi components , not so well known in France. Thanks for sharing.
    • By nigelc
      I have just found this forum. It looks interesting. I have been involved in Hifi/ stereo since the 1960s in New Zealand.
      My first stereo When I arrived in Sydney was from Leisure Sound in Atarmon in the 1980s.
       It was a Nakamichi 530 receiver, and a Nakamichi 582 cassette deck and Mission  720 speakers with the new, on the market, monster cable.
      Later on I bought an NR200 a Nakamichi dolby "c" noise reduction unit. Which later stolen when I moved to Silverwater.
      I first turntable was an Ariston ??? which was so jumpy I replaced it with a MicroSeiki bl51.
      Now the speakers, one channel, the tweeter has gone open.
      I think it's the crossover network or the cable.
      I was thinking of replacing with some speakers from Len Walace audio.
      Are B & W speakers good?
      I have look on the internet:
      Chorus 816 
      B&W    683  
      B&W 684 S2
      B&W 684
      MY budget is limited to about this sort of price. 
      There is a Grado F1+ on the turntable. 
       I have found where I can get a replacement stylus on the internet for lpgear.com and somewhere else for the different place for about the same price $85.
      Was going to try A Garrot bros K2 , A Garrot K3, but might stick stick with the grado.
      all the Best
    • By lukelue66
      Hi everyone,
      Just move to Melbourne from shanghai. I am Bach fan and very glad to find associates here.
      I am also looking for a cd player for my hd800 with the Cavalli liquid gold headphone amp. Hope I can find a good solution here  ^_^
    • By raji
      Greeting from tropical QLD

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