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Graham Andrew

Quad ESl 57's recommended amplifier's

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I was wondering if the Quad fans could advise if a Sugden A21a (1990's) version would work with a pair of ESL 57's.


I love the sound of the Quad's, however, I am a little nervous about buying them as I have also heard many of the potential problems with Quad's.


Any advise would be greatly accepted.



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Hi Graham


I have run Quad 57s since the 1970's and have had 2 different pairs and no repairs needed yet! Others here have vouched for repairers in Sydney and in Melbourne.


I have tried my Quads with many amplifiers including some Sugdens. I ran a pair of older Sugden P51 Môn blocks that were superb but had too much power and now have a newer Sugden A48 111 that I use for a second system and it does backup duties on the Quads with a really good sound. I think that Sugdens English sound is a good match for the Quads.


I prefer my valve Radford amplifier as the best I have heard with my Quads.




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I have owned two pairs over the years and no problems.

My amp is a McIntosh MC275 mk5, and sounds good withe Quads. You do need an amp that can handle the low impedence that the ESLs cause.

Hearty valve amps or ME amps if you want SS.

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