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First attempt at 5.1

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Hello All 
New to a forum environment so looking forward to accessing the abundance of your audio-intel and wisdom. Hopefully I can generate some myself in time in order to give as well as receive.
My opening enquiry- given my system, do I have the capability to run a good audiovisual experience as it is and if so how might I best wire this up? If not, what else do I need? I have the option of using our Sony Bravia or Samsung LED as the visual end. I have focused on 2 channel music thus far.

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If you already have a competent 2 channel system, you can augment it to do 5.1 quite easily.


Just add an AV receiver that has preamp outputs and hook those to your stereo preamp/integrated amp.


Ideally, the preamp outputs to go the HT bypass input on yr stereo system but in a pinch, a line level input (like an AUX or VIDEO input) should work as well. You just need to set the volume on the stereo preamp to a predetermined level (that you can duplicate easily), and use the AVR's test tone auto calibration to adjust levels accordingly. 


You will find that the speakers used most frequently in a home theatre system is the centre speaker and the subwoofer, so don't stinge on those. You might also want to try a timbre matched centre speaker (that has a similar driver to your main speakers) and a decent mono power amp to drive that speaker. The surround speaker is more for ambience and effect, so a cheaper speaker will do and you can get away with using the AVR to drive those. You will only need to upgrade the surround speakers if you are very into 5.1 music, where having timbre matched surround speakers will also see benefits).


Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much Doogie. I have the MA RX8 stereo and centre speakers so I could add the matching rears to compliment the timber. I could also add another Cyrus mono so each of the fronts has its own amp. Leaving the Azur 551R to drive the sub and rears...correct?

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