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FS: Sony TA-P9000ES Multi-Channel Analogue Pre-Amp

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Item: Sony TA-P9000ES Analogue multi-channel pre-amp
Location: Melbourne, inner west
Price: $700
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Not being used
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info: Comes in original packaging, with manual and remote
Pictures: see below

Buy it because: 1) its a rare 5.1 channel analogue pre-amp. 2) its a fantastic sounding pre. 3) its the last pre-amp sony made and part of the last of the great ES line you loved back in the day. 4) you have a AV pre-pro/power set-up and want to step into the analogue audio world without breaking the bank (it has HT bypass).


Great review and full specs: http://members.iinet.net.au/~rutlidge/TA-P9000ES.html


Up for sale is my Sony TA-P9000ES analogue pre-amp. What's special about this is it is a multi-channel (5.1) analogue pre-amp, built for the high rez audio age (SACD/DVD-A). That means you can connect it directly to the analogue outputs of your SACD/DVD-A (or universal) player and bypass your AV Reciever for pure analogue sound (ie no re-conversion to digital). You can of course also run it as a normal stereo analogue pre as well. It also has 5.1 HT bypass input, so can be fully integrated in your existing AV pre-pro system.


The TA-P9000ES was the last pre-amp sony made and was part of the last "true" flagship ES range in the tradition of the great gear they made through the 80's and 90's. As per Alan's excellent review above, the build quality is also of a bygone age, with overengineered construction, copper shielding and screws, quality components and carefully thought out design. This is an Australian model (not 120v import) and I hunted around a long time to find one in perfect condition that I was satisfied with.


Sadly it has sat unused for the last few years, as time for 2ch audio listening has been cruelly whisked away by the arrival of small people. An impending move interstate has now prompted a clean-out of unused items, so here it (reluctantly) is!











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I have the TA-E9000ES which is the model below and mine is an awesome preamp. This one should be better.

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i want to buy this item and should pay with paypal. Is ths Sony TA-P9000ES still to buy ?



Kind regards from Hannover Germany

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Cody hasn't logged on since October last year.


You may need to send him a PM as that should generate an email which hopefully will prompt him to check Stereonet.

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