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Just finished rebuilding a Kriesler Jumbo multi player for a very old friend it has the tradital record unit with the stacker all is great except the cartridge,

I'm hopeing someoe can point me in the right direction  to find a replacement.


The code on the cartridge is TETRA 2 or the stylus C2S or C2D or can I put something else in ?


Thanks for any insight.

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Among the best sources for information like this are stylus replacement companies such as www.sound-smith.com, etc., though this might be stretching it a bit.  


Vinyl Asylum does not seem to have any threads which touch on this cartridge.


Is there any way to replace the cartridge with something different - say a cheapish Ortofon MM?

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I know I'm not of much help but some years ago did a rebuild of a Kriesler about 63 65' radio gram like the one you have. The cartridge is a crystal/ceramic type and the one on this unit was completely shot.


It had a Garrard AT6 turntable.


I bought a new replacement cartridge of a company which from memory was a suburb south of Wollongong. They sold a variety of hi fi and new old style stylus/cartridges and suchlike.


Blowed if I can remember the company name but your best bet is to replace the whole cartridge as the rubber suspension perishes and that is the end of it.


Will have a look thru my stuff tomorrow and see if I can track down their details. Its been 6 or more years since I did the job.

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Wagner up here in Sydney carry a boatload of styli replacements. Have a look at the link below -it might take a while to load- and if you can't see what you want on the following couple of pages then it's worth giving them a call.





Yes, I use WES too.

They have some great stuff.

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Afraid I can't find the details of the company I purchased a new cartridge from, however stumbled across some paperwork for a USA company that rebuilt the idler wheel.


The guy specialises in rebuilding wheels and rollers for tape machines and does some turntables wheels as well. Not to expensive and better than buying some NOS wheel which is 30 or more years old in a packet.


Terry's is here...http://www.terrysrubberrollers.com/

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