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Hifi audition tracks - songs and tracks recommended by SNA members

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Threads – general audition track threads with specific recommendations   This is one of the longer threads. It was started by Paul Spencer in 2010.  Most posters included details of the virtues o

This thread consolidates many other SNA threads already posted on the topic â€what tracks would you recommend to audition hi-fi?†so that all this advice is in one place.   I’ve done it as multip

Is that all......? 

On 09/09/2020 at 6:44 PM, gillmaverick said:

Yosi Horikawa - Bubbles is another cracket...absolutely crazy

Brilliant! New genre: table tennis techno 😜

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27.5 hz  low note opening the album. Placement and dynamics top notch. And the music is mesmerizing.

If only all engineers would pay this much attention to detail:


“There are several reasons at play why this is a One Mic plus recording.

Maybe the most important is that I realized that when we had Carmen so close to the one mic she was creating an acoustic baffle that covered up certain frequencies.

The same was true for Peter Bjørnild's double bass.

For this recording the role of drummer Bert Kampsteeg was very important. We wanted him to be able to play as freely and dynamic as possible. By moving Carmen and bassist Peter Bjørnild further away and supporting them with two Josephson C700A microphones, the drum sound got much more present.

You could argue that this is a return to old fashioned multi mic recording but I don't think that is true, drums and guitar and a big part of the double bass sound is still coming from the Josephson C700S. The microphone is absolutely central to the sound stage we have created.

The two C700A support microphones are identical to the C700S except that each has only one figure of 8 capsule.

But the beauty of these mic's are that spill coloration is much less of a problem. So they are perfect as spot mic's.

We wanted the small 'soundscape' compositions to have a very dark atmosphere (Peter said he wanted them sounding as dark as the Mississippi night), so I decided to add a spaced pair of Josephson C617 microphones up very high in the studio and let them be our main source of ambience. I think that worked very well. And also the deep drop tuned low 'A' of 27.5 Hz from the double bass got picked up very well by that pair. Such a low note is almost impossible to hear close up, somehow you only hear the upper harmonics generated, so that was an extra benefit of the ambient pair. And it made me fall even more in love with the sound of studio 2.

Another funny thing....I keep learning things about the C700S. I have to keep forcing myself to keep experimenting with distance, closer or further away from the mic, it is absolutely crucial to get the best possible sound. I don't think I have ever captured Folker Tettero's guitar better than on this album and it was a question of moving the right leg of the table with the amp on, 2 cm. (0,787 inch) backwards and there the sound was! Unbelievable.” Frans de Rond.

This is a One Mic + recording; Main central microphone: Josephson C700S support microphone Carmen: Josephson C700A support microphone Peter's bass: Josephson C700A ambience microphones spaced pair of 2 Josephson C617 Recording and mastering by Frans de Rond. Produced by Peter Bjørnild.


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Tom Waits: Foreign Affairs (1977)


superbly recorded, cd sounds spine tinglingly great, recorded live to two track tape and it shows!


Excellent production due to the expertise of Bones Howe. This in depth article explains how Foreign Affairs and other early Tom Waits' albums were recorded by Bones.




regards Ian



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