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Marantz PM-80SE needs a service! Technician recommendations QLD please.

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Hi All,


After owning this lovely amp for just over a month now, it's time to get it serviced.


A slight crackle has developed with the left channel, can be heard with volume knob stationary, around the 1/4 volume area, then also picks up a slight crackle through left channel when turning volume knob anywhere from nill to half volume.


Also a small amount of greenish, bluish coloured corrosion is visable on some of the circut board wires, that sits between the heat sinks.


I will post up some pics of circut board later today, when i have access to them.


I'm quite certain i am the first person to remove her dress & take a peek underneth. Very unlikely this has ever been serviced by original owner. The dust & grime wiped away certainly looked like it has built up over the amps entire life.


Anyway.... Please recommend a Service Tech, you would trust to work on this lovely amp. I'm located at the Sunny Coast QLD & would be willing to travel to Bribane if required.


I will also consider sending it to a fellow SNA Tech for repair, then give approval for use as a service & repair "Thread" on this forum. I have been following many great build ups, improvements & repairs with various amps on this forum. Please contact me through SNA messenger if this is a project you would like to take on & display the work on this forum.


Thanks all,



Edit: pics added.






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