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My latest addition...Marantz PM-80SE.

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I was very lucky to win a recent auction, local to me. So here's my new toy/toys i picked up yesterday! :thumb:


Marantz PM-80SE.






A little surface corrosion on top of the transformer & interior copper base plate, but that's the QLD hot, humid, climate for you :( . 9.5/10 condition for the exterior. All items were 1 owner.


The PM-80SE also come with a pair of German made, Magnat MSP 300 speakers, sealed woofer design. Together with the PM-80SE they sound remarkable IMO. Been running all day & hasn't skipped a beat.




Both items picked up for $338.....Very lucky indeed IMO. The seller said he had many inquiries about separating the amp, obviously so it could be posted. But seller wanted to sell as a package just to get rid of it. After the win, it was just a half hour drive to pick them up.  :D





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Interesting amps.

I always thought mine sounded better in Class A/B than Class A.

Class A tended to sound a bit lifeless and plodding [typical of the breed unless you pay serious money].

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BTW: The matching CD player (CD80) was/is one of the finest CD players ever made. I modded one a few months back and plonked it into my system. It was the first player I've listened to in quite awhile that made me go: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!" A real sleeper.

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