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SOLD: FS: Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature)

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FS: Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature)

Item:  Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature) year 2008 – serial number 7304 0407 060836
Location: Sydney
Price: $1,125 including $25 donation to SNA (Half new price rule of thumb) - negotiable
Item Condition: excellent
Reason for selling: surplus
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD
Extra Info: I’m loyal to Redgum and just upgraded to RGI 120 ENR which is basically very similar to 60 ENR but with a little more grunt when it occasionally comes to transient/dynamic and the like, but that’s the diminishing value law.

Website info: http://redgumaudio.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_73&product_id=65

60 ENR is almost equal to RGI 120 (Redgum wouldn’t recommend you to upgrade from 60 ENR to RGI 120 anyway as there’s not much improvement). The final test report when new (2008) is continuous RMS 129 watt per channel into 8 ohm and short term RMS is 267 watt per channel into 8 ohm. Test result is included in my Owner’s Manual.

The new price was $2,400 in 2008 but is dropped now to $2,250, hence I adopted the half current price rule.

Try before you buy for a few days can be arranged (potential buyer to pay for shipping). This is the best way to make sure this very affordable amp really makes your current system sing, or audit at my place is welcome at weekend. This amp drives my ProAc tablette 2000 and Tannoy 638 floor stander easily and beautifully (with Sapphire North Star CD player).

Shipping interstate would be around $35-$40 I think.
Pictures: Refer also to the website link above.


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PM sent


From the Classifieds Guidelines:


"Please avoid replying to listings with "PM Sent". This does not mean anything. If you are making an offer, if you wish to reply, then post "Offer Sent". Or if the listing includes multiple items for sale, please state which products you have made an offer on. This allows other interested parties to make an offer on other items for sale."

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Since we have another confusing "pm sent" message, may I enquire if this amplifier is still for sale?

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      Remote, all accessories, box and original manuals are included.


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      Item:  Stello AI500 Integrated amp with built in DAC
      Location:  Safely ensconced in Sydney.
      Item Condition:  Very good.
      Reason for selling:  Amps come in and amps go out, it is time for this one to go out.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only  (Buyer to pay fees if paying via paypal).
      Extra Info:   available here: http://www.aprilmusic.com/page_YzTH92
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      Comes with box, manual and remote control.