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Audio gears from Scandinavian countries are famed for their built and sound qualities, unfortunately they are also famed for their price tags. So they are not so approachable by most audio fans. On t

this is the album that started my affinity with Scandinavian jazz.  

Paavoharju Lars Danielsson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwWjBtNcdn4

bob hund (a band from Malmö - bob the dog)


bob hund – Det överexponerade gömstället (the overexposed hiding place)


All-seeing Eyes


More than that no one can become


It would been easy for me to say I don't like you but I do, I think


Hippodrome (round and round)


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Jazz from Finland - Lenni Kalle Taipale Trio


nothing to hide



Here comes Pippi Longstocking


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Bo Kaspers Orkester




Dance on my grave


allt är som förut  - everything's like before.

a cover of all the world is green by tom waits


Hard to say no


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The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So



The Facer - Good Vibrations


Sahara Hotnights - Hot Night Crash

Live on SVT2


First Floor Power - We are the people


Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle


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First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar


First Floor Power - Love will come knocking


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Gjallarhorn - I Riden Så (Ye Ride So Carefully)


Gjallarhorn - Solbön/Åskan


Gjallarhorn - Konungen Och Trollkvinnan


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Nice thread revival.  Was listening to some multichannel music when started reading this thread. Inspired me to put on one of my all time favourite jazz albums, Jazz at the Pawnshop (ran the SACD multichannel track). Fabulous Swedish album. 

Lucky enough to have been to The Stampen in Stockholm with the family, had a very good meal and listened to some really enjoyable music.  Purchased some Swedish vinyl down the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, which I will spin and post on the weekend. Cheers




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Bo Kaspers Orkester - Fyrarättersmål (A Four Course Meal)


Bo Kaspers Orkester - Människor som ingen vill se (People no one will see)


Bo Kaspers Orkester - Ett ögonblick i sänder (A moment at a time)


Bo Kaspers Orkester - Kasta något tungt (Throw something heavy(through the window))


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4 hours ago, cafe67 said:

Anybody have a copy of Annette ASKVIK’s Liberty , can’t find on eBay or amazon except as d/l which I don’t want. 

Here it be on Discogs. Mighty steep from $80 for a CD. 3 people selling (2nd $154, 3rd $175)



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< Nils Petter Molvær (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈmɔ̀lvær]) also known as NPM (born 18 September 1960) is a Norwegian jazz trumpeter, composer, and record producer. He is considered a pioneer of future jazz, a genre that fuses jazz and electronic music, best showcased on his most commercially successful album, Khmer >



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Bugger, just noticed the revival of this thread.. Interesting posts


Big fan of Scandinavian music of which I have a few dozen:


Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

14 Opeth Damnation Swe 2003  
14 Schaffer, Janne Katharsis Swe 1976  
13 Änglagård Hybris Swe 1992  
13 Isildurs Bane Sagan om den Irländska Älgen Swe 1984  
13 Isildurs Bane Sagan om Ringen Swe 1987  
13 Landberk Riktigt Äkta Swe 1992  
13 Morte Macabre Symphonic Holocaust Swe 1998 Symphonic
13 Schaffer, Janne Earmeal Swe 1978  
13 Sinkadus Cirkus Swe 1999 Symphonic
13 Tabula Rasa Ekkedien Tanssi Fin 1976  
12 Anekdoten Gravity Swe 2003  
12 Änglagård Epilog Swe 1994  
12 Dice Four Riders of the Apocalypse Swe 1977  
12 Flower Kings, The Flower Power Swe 1999 Symphonic
12 Grand Stand Tricks of Time Swe 2002  

Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

12 Groovector Ultramarine Fin 2000  
12 Hansson, Bo Sagan om Ringen (aka Lord of the Rings) Swe 1970  
12 Kaipa Inget Nytt Under Solen Swe 1976 Symphonic
12 Kerrs Pink Mellom Oss Nor 1981 Symphonic
12 Liquid Scarlet Liquid Scarlet Swe 2004  
12 Opeth Blackwater Park Swe 2001  
12 Opeth Pale Communion Swe 2014  
12 Pohjola, Pekka Harakka Bialoipokku (B The Magpie) Fin 1974  
12 Pohjola, Pekka Keesojen Lehto (aka Mathematician's Air Display) Fin 1977  
12 Popol Ace (Popol Vuh) Stolen from Time Nor 1975  
12 Schaffer, Janne Janne Schaffer (aka The Chinese) Swe 1973  
12 Sinkadus Aurum Nostrum Swe 1996 Symphonic
12 Tasavallan Presidentti Lambert Land Fin 1972  
12 Twin Age Lialim High Swe 1997  
12 Viima Ajatuksia Maailman Laidalta Fin 2006  

Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

11 Ageness Rituals Fin 1995 Symphonic
11 Atlas Blå Vardag Swe 1979  
11 Beardfish Sleeping in Traffic pt. 2 Swe 2008  
11 Beardfish Destined Solitaire Swe 2009  
11 Bodin, Tomas An Ordinary Night in my Ordinary Life Swe 1996  
11 Finnforest Lahto Matkalle Fin 1976 Fusion
11 Flower Kings, The Retropolis Swe 1996 Symphonic
11 Flower Kings, The Stardust We Are Swe 1997 Symphonic
11 Galleon From Land to Ocean Swe 2003  
11 Gazpacho Tick Tock Nor 2009  
11 Hansson, Bo Ur Trollkarlens Hatt (aka Magician's Hat) Swe 1972  
11 Hansson, Bo El-Ahrairah (aka Music Inspired by Watership Down) Swe 1977  
11 Hidria Spacefolk Symbiosis Fin 2002  
11 In the Labyrinth The Garden of Mysteries Swe 1994  
11 Introitus Elements Swe 2011  

Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

11 Isildurs Bane The Voyage - A Trip to Elsewhere Swe 1992  
11 Isildurs Bane Mind Volume 1 Swe 1997  
11 Johansson, Jens Fission Swe 1997  
11 Kaipa Kaipa Swe 1975 Symphonic
11 Kaipa Solo Swe 1978 Symphonic
11 Karmakanic Who's the Boss in the Factory Swe 2008  
11 Landberk One Man Tell's Another Swe 1994  
11 Lindh Project, Pär Gothic Impressions Swe 1994  
11 Lindh Project, Pär Veni Vidi Vici Swe 2001  
11 Opeth Ghost Reveries Swe 2005  
11 Opeth Watershed Swe 2008  
11 Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane Swe 2002 Prog-Metal
11 Ritual Ritual Swe 1995 Neo-Prog
11 Rypdal, Terje Terje Rypdal Nor 1971  
11 Stolt, Roine The Flower King Swe 1994 Symphonic

Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

11 Viima Kahden Kuun Sirpit Fin 2009  
11 Wobbler Afterglow Nor 2009  
11 Zello Quodlibet Swe 1998  
10 A.C.T Imaginary Friends Swe 2001  
10 A.C.T Last Epic Swe 2003  
10 A.C.T Silence Swe 2006  
10 Ageness Songs from the Liar's Lair Fin 2009 Symphonic
10 Beardfish Sleeping in Traffic pt. 1 Swe 2007  
10 Black Bonzo Sound Of The Apocalypse Swe 2007  
10 Burnin' Red Ivanhoe WWW Den 1971 Fusion
10 Evergrey In Search of Truth Swe 2001  
10 Flower Kings, The Back in the World of Adventures Swe 1995 Symphonic
10 Flower Kings, The Space Revolver Swe 2000 Symphonic
10 Flower Kings, The Rainmaker Swe 2001 Symphonic
10 Flower Kings, The Unfold The Future Swe 2002 Symphonic

Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

10 Flower Kings, The Meet the Flower Kings Swe 2003 Symphonic
10 Flower Kings, The Adam & Eve Swe 2004 Symphonic
10 Flower Kings, The Banks of Eden Swe 2012 Symphonic
10 Fruitcake One More Slice Nor 1997 Folk, Symphonic
10 Fruitcake A Battle A Day... Nor 2001 Folk, Symphonic
10 Galleon Mind over Matter Swe 1998  
10 Galleon Beyond Dreams Swe 2000  
10 Green Carnation Light of Day, Day of Darkness Nor 2001  
10 Hansson, Bo Mellanväsen (aka Attic Thoughts) Swe 1975  
10 In the Labyrinth One Trail to Heaven Swe 2011  
10 Isildurs Bane Cheval - Volonte de Rocher Swe 1989  
10 Kaipa Keyholder Swe 2003 Symphonic
10 Kingston Wall III - Tril-Logy Fin 1994  
10 Landberk Indian Summer Swe 1996  
10 Lindh Project, Pär Mundus Incompertus Swe 1997  

Rating Artist Title Ctry Year Qualities/Styles

10 Lindh, Pär and Björn Johansson Bilbo Swe 1996  
10 Lynne, Bjørn Wizard of the Winds (aka When the Gods Slept) Nor 1998  
10 Magic Pie Motions of Desire Nor 2005  
10 Manticore Time To Fly Swe 1993 Symphonic
10 Opeth Heritage Swe 2011  
10 Opeth Sorceress Swe 2016  
10 Pain of Salvation One Hour By The Concrete Lake Swe 1998 Prog-Metal
10 Spektrum Spektrum Swe 2003  
10 Stolt, Roine Fantasia Swe 1979 Symphonic
10 Stolt, Roine Hydrophonia Swe 1998 Symphonic






I also have a few dozen other albums that I haven't rated yet from the likes of:





Tarujen Saari

Trio Mediaeval

Mats / Morgan

Gosta Berlings Saga

Trettioåriga Kriget




Secret Oyster


Fläsket Brinner


Hellborg, Jonas



Taylor's Universe

My Brother The Wind

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Anyone here listen to Christian Kjellvander? I really like his voice and singing. He is mostly country/folk so probably not for everyone but give him a chance and you might be hooked! 


His latest corporation with Tonbruket simply called Kjellvandertonbruket - Doom Country just come out this year. Some of the songs sound like Nick Cave ...



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Bob Hund livs levande – fast digitalt!  

Bob Hund real live - although digitally!



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