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Hello from another vinyl tragic

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Hello and merry Christmas

Just joined here and hoping to share some interests, vinyl LP, analog, vintage hifi. I guess I'm what you'd label a born again analog fan just starting out on the new adventure of discovering records.


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Welcome and Merry Christmas

Is your Davros name because you are a Dr Who fan or have I just offended you either way please don't take offence I'm a huge Dr Who fan.


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Haha, I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan but I was given that nickname a while ago by a friend who described me as a whithered bitter old man with a nasty demeanour. It stuck!

I tend to listen to a very wide range of music depending on mood and moment. Generally you'll find me listening to Mozart or Beethoven one day and Lou Reed the next. Love the old crooners, Frank, Deano, Sammy.

My system (vinyl and analog)

Audio Technica LP120 turntable ( ripped the horrible per-amp out and replaced the cartridge with An AT440la MM)

Harman Kardon PM655 amp utilised as phono stage per-amp

Proton D540 amp utilised as power amp

BIC T2 cassette tape deck

Teac X-3R reel to reel (not working and looking for advice here on this item)

Jamo S506 speakers pair of front tower only

Secondary system (digital and audio visual)

Onkyo TX-NR579 receiver

Jamo S506 5.1 surround speakers

iPod, networked PS3 used as server

Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to being a part.

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