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My Setup + After some Advice on a Sub

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Hey Guys,

I hope you are having a great Christmas break, I thought I would introduce myself with a bit of a rundown on my setup.

The Room

So I have been fortunate enough to build my current home and convince my wife to turn our second living area into a home theatre room, the room measures 5m x 3.98m x 2.59m (LxWxH).

During the build process we ran speaker cable and network cable to various points in the room, we upgraded the insulation in the walls with Sound deadening and a few ducts were run down the wall behind the tv to ensure cables could be run if we decided to get a projector in the future. The room has double glass door(Yes a bad choice I know, however it was a condition of converting the room). There is a narrow window that runs along the back wall opposite the tv which is 1.8m long and about 550cm tall which sits up the top of the wall.

The second window in the room is a half hight window 1.8m x 1.34m, both of these windows are covered in a block out roman blind as well as a black out roller that sits inside the window frame to ensure light doesn't enter. There is also a block out roller on each of the glass doors to reduce the light as much as possible, the room is almost pitch black during the day.


The Gear

I'm a bit of a gamer and love my movies so I currently have a PS3 which doubles as the Blu-ray player, XBOX, Wii and a SNES connected to the amp, I also have an Apple TV connected for a lot of the movies and TV shows we watch. I know this isn't purist source material but for the epic action movies I have these on BR.

Yamaha RX-V3900 Amplifier - http://usa.yamaha.co...__u/?mode=model

I figured it was worth investing in a decent amplifier which would allow me to grow into its capabilities such as multiple zones. I also took the liberty to run speaker wire into the alfresco ceiling so that we could pipe music out side if we desired (have not purchased these speakers as yet (any advice?)

Panasonic VIErA 58" Full HD Neo Plasma -http://www.panasonic.com.au/Products+Archive/VIErA+televisions/Plasma+TVs/TH-P58S20A/Overview

I picked this TV up for about half of the listed retail price last year, its been fantastic. I have noticed that it is a little grainy up close to the screen but I imagine this is because there are giant pixels making up the 1920x1080 image? :)

One thing I had not had up until a couple of days ago was a set of speakers, I was actually running the two loud speakers from an old mini hi-fi i've had for years, an old Sony GRX10AV. Amazon had a sale and I was able to pickup some Jamo's which are retailing in JB Hifi at $1300.00 for $255 delivered!

Jamo S 426 HSC 3 - http://www.jamo.com/...s/?sku=S426HCS3

The Deal: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/88465

Now I know these aren't audio file speakers, far from it, but I'm quite impressed talk about bang for buck!

The one thing it is missing is a sub, the amp has calibrated for this fact using the Mic and the YPAO system however nothing but a decent sub can produce beautiful bass that is lacking.

I would love some advice from you more experienced HT aficionados, the plan is to replace these Jamo speakers in a few years with a much higher quality set I listened to the Paradigm Monitor 11s, Centre 3, Surround 3s and the Monitor Sub 10 or 12 (was a few months back) and was pleasantly surprised a 5.1 setup was going to be around $3400.

I'm specifically looking at a sub at the moment and I'm only to any suggestion, is there anything I should be looking at, or is there a "go to" which will works with my cheapies now but also feel at home with a higher end system?

One last thought as well this is the old hifi setup, would it be worth working the loud speakers into the system to setup a 7.1 (excluding the aesthetics)


Any comments welcome

Cheers Guys!




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I recently purchased the SB12 NSD to go with some VAF DCX speakers and it rocks both music and HT. My room is basically 9 x 4 and the SB12 is only set to about 6/10 on the Volume control and that is plenty.

1 thing I would say is..............bide your time and buy your new gear from SNA members on the 'For Sale' section. I am always gobsmacked at the amazing items that come up for sale on the site at great prices.

In a room your size maybe consider some decent bookshelf speakers on stands matched with a quality sub.

I just sold my Yamaha RX-V1900 so I know you have a cracking receiver to start with.

Good luck and keep an eye on the for sale items.

Regards Cazzesman

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The SVS range of subs perform very well for the money and are a popular choice for many. Rythmik also produce a very good subwoofer for the money. These would be two great places to start.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm back from the Christmas break and keeping a hawk eye on the for sale forums :)

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have amazingly ended up with two of the Jamo 5.0 systems ( Jamo S 426 HSC 3 - http://www.jamo.com/...s/?sku=S426HCS3 ) that I mentioned in the previous post, I just had a couple of questions on some possibilities.

Now I'm no expert in these matter so some of these questions may seem a little strange but I just want to gain a full understanding of my options.

As I now have two of these systems I'm thinking of a couple of creative ways to boost the performance:

Is it worth running two centre Channel speakers in series? i.e. side by side under the TV?

Is it possible to run two of the floor standing loudspeakers in series? Would there be a benefit? Alternatively would I be better off running two of the floor standing speakers as the rears?

obviously with the extra mini bookshelf speakers I now have 7.0 setup would these be better off as presence speakers? (above the right and left of the tv or in a more traditional behind the couches setup?

I'm kind of confused on what to do i now have 10 speakers lol :)

Any other ideas?

im thinking it may even be worth selling one of the sets if none of the above would work. Just trying to get bang for buck given the fortunate circumstances :)

Cheers guys!

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