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Seafood restuarants

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Geez guys

I practically live on seafood (expense accounts are capitalism's greatest invention for those lucky enough)

My question is; as a cusp Leo/Virgo, is this permissable?

Or should I just suck it up and eat ribeye? :wink:[/b]

Umm suck it up , and keep some room for some rib eye as well . Seafood is very tasty as entries

An also goes well as a sauce for steaks

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Aaron, the woman brought me out for dinner because it was my birthday last week. We didn't go anywhere special so it was her treat :)

BTW, you actually have more money when you are settled down with a woman ... it's only when you are dating that it is expensive! With a dual income and living together, money goes further. I mean, you pay the same cost to keep your fridge running - with two people in the house the cost is halved.[/b]

Dual income? I can only wish!

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Posted (edited)

Digging up an old thread - seems the best suitable one:

Heading for dinner this weekend to Fish & Co. Sydney: at The Tramsheds Harold Park, been meaning to for ages:


They proudly claim to be a Sustainable Seafood Eatery: "Sustainable, traceable seafood - source wild caught fish from fishermen & fisheries that are 100% committed to sustainable fishing practises." etc.
Love seafood, lookin' forward to checking them out, the chef's suggestions, & their drinks menu looks pretty cool too!
Real close to a tram stop so will use that to get there.. Mmmmmm.


Came across this restaurant as one of few listed in some Aussie Sustainable Seafood site a while back, when checking out ABC TV's 2014 program "What's The Catch?" - an excellent 3-part series on Australian Seafood etc: interesting info, incl. "Label My Fish" campaign, recipes etc:


In General:
..Remember BOYCOTT Vannamei prawns, Flake & Basa fish (e.g. farmed in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Ecuador) - those industries are destroying marine environments brutally & often unregulated.
Choose Australian sustainable seafood (e.g. SA Western wild caught) prawns every time.

Edited by ssar

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