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On 31/08/2019 at 6:52 AM, DRC said:

And they used to have a BMW 530D in NSW



There is a lesson there about parking (or stopping) a modern car in long grass. I heard a similar story about 20 years ago with a very expensive Jaguar on loan to a journalist. The Jag was driven through some thick lawn clippings on a wet road the clippings dispersed themselves into the engine bay. An outright fire was avoided but the car was smoking when stopped for fuel.


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I like what mercedes are doing here with design... if life could just be so simple .... I've always liked the simplicity of older classic cars... I do hope one day styling could return in that sense. ps current mercedes is about 100 miles off from this with senses overload ! so some ways to go... 




"In 1901 at Race Week in Nice, our visionary Emil Jellinek debuted a high performance car that the world had never seen - the Mercedes 35 PS.

This week, our team unveiled the Vision Mercedes Simplex, a representation of our transition into a new era of design, with the same passion for luxury and innovation running through our DNA."









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1 hour ago, aasza said:

1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina (Currently for sale for $2,000,000)






That is one gorgeous car!!👌


My parents owned a humble but brilliant Peugeot 404 at one stage and it was a Pininfarina design. Laugh at me but I can see shades of that in this.....especially the front.🙂



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13 minutes ago, The Fez said:


An ol fave as is the 328

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