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Has anyone got any experience with the recent range of NAD receivers?

I like the idea of the Modular Design Construction (MDC). With the rate that tech changes, I figure having some way to update components down the line couldn't be a bad thing, or is this a marketing ploy that I should be wary of?

I'm looking at replacing the bulk of my system over the next few months, and while it will largely be for music, home theatre is definitely something I want to consider. With that in mind, if you think something like a T757 or T777 is a bit of overkill and have other suggestions, I'm all ears.


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HI StealthTurtle, welcome aboard. NAD are nice receivers, as are Cambridge though I would say that Arcam are better than both (but also much more expensive). An NAD or Cambridge will do a good job with HT and a pretty fair job for music but if you after an upgrade from pretty fair to good you should look at the option to use an integrated amp for stereo and control it via a HT bypass for HT. Have a read of a few recent posts as this has been discussed in a few posts over the last fortnight or so.

If you would like some specific recommendations give us an idea of the size of the budget you have to work with.


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With nad / Cambridge or arcam receivers I would stay away from previous versions as all have had some bug issues. The current releases latest hdmi v1.4 3D capable latest gen units I believe are in the clear. I would still get on a lemon warranty with anything like this. Ie full refund / return if thing is a pig for some reason.

Re the modular design for the upper nad stuff. The plug in modules are expensive. Like with lot of makers that provide this its just cheaper sometimes to sell up buy the new model instead.

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I'm using NAD.

Agreed that you're unlikely to buy new modules - too expensive. The sound was, to my ear, more natural than the equivalent Marantz & Yamaha offerings and my budget was $3k.

Functionally my NAD has been perfect.

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Thanks for the replies.

Good to hear about the modules. I wasn't sure about them. In theory they sound like a great idea.

I'm going to have to think on it for a bit before I buy anyway, but I'm leaning towards NAD or Harman Kardon I think.

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Hi   i got the T777 and i love it , i use it for Movies (bluray) also for Multichannel audio on sacd and HD  and even in 2 channel it has that nice warm sound that nad 

is known for.

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